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Cali Crusher is a big name in the vape scene with a reputation that precedes them. They are best known for their range of incredible grinders that are renowned for their ability to quickly break down nearly any amount of herb into the perfect consistency. 

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It can be easy to dismiss grinders as one of the less important parts of your dry herb kit, but without well-ground herb, your bongs, blunts, and vaporizers wouldn't work half as well. No dry herb fan would be caught dead without a grinder, and there are few grinders out there that approach the quality of a Cali Crusher

On top of this, Cali Crusher also has a fantastic range of bubblers, pipes, herb spoons, and even bongs. These pieces come in a huge range of colors and sizes, so you can be sure that whatever your tastes you can be sure that there's something out there for you

Finally, Cali Crusher also offers something for the concentrated fans out there. They have a fantastic range of domeless ceramic nails. Ceramic is one of the best materials for concentrate vaping, thanks to its incredible thermal properties, allowing users to enjoy consistent and evenly heated concentrate hits. 

Why Cali Crusher?

1. Some of The Best Grinders On The Market

Cali Crusher built their name on the incredible quality of their grinders, literally! They have a massive range of metal grinders that use interlocking teeth to break up your herb. Their four part grinders are especially popular, these have a small compartment that ground herb falls into for easy collection. The bottom of this compartment is a fine mesh that allows keef to fall through into a small dish below. Over time, this can build up and be collected.

2. Huge Selection of Products

Cali Crusher has diversified beyond grinders, now dry herb fans of all stripes can expect to find some of the finest products on the market today under the Cali Crusher name. Notable among these is their incredible 5.5" Sherlock pipes. Available in a massive variety of colors, these incredible glass pipes offer fantastic hits from an easy to handle package. For a more traditional design, Cali Crusher also has a fantastic 6" spoon pipe that will be instantly familiar to any herb fan. 

For the bong fans out there, Cali Crusher offers a massive 10" straight tube bong, while concentrate fans will be able to enjoy the Cali Crusher nails that are available in both ceramic and titanium. 

Finally, the Cali Crusher Clean is ideal for maintaining any kind of herb accessory, from bongs to grinders. 

3. Amazing Concentrate Nails

Cali Crusher's concentrate nails are a sleeker hit within the dab scene. These incredible nails are available in both ceramic and titanium. Ceramic is perfect for consistent, evenly heated hits while titanium is renowned for its ability to quickly reach dabbing temperatures before rapidly cooling back down to a safer temperature. 

4. Smell-Proof All-In-One Kits

Cali Crusher offers a range of handy all-in-one kits that give you everything you need to enjoy a dry herb smoking experience. On top of this, the containers are smell proof. This is a serious bonus, as anyone familiar with the pervasive odor of dry herb can tell you!

Cali Crusher Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Cali Crusher Pollen Catcher For?

On all 4 part Cali Crusher grinders, you'll notice that there is a shallow dish found at the very bottom of the grinder. You'll note that this is located under the main herb chamber, which has a mesh bottom. This allows super-fine particles of pollen and kief to fall through and gradually build up. Eventually, this can be collected and pressed together. 

Are Cali Crusher Grinders Good?

Cali Crusher grinders are renowned for their incredibly hardy construction and reliable performance. They set the industry standard for grinders. In their wider range of products, their bongs, pipes, and bubblers are built to an incredibly high standard and more than worth their price of admission. 

What Can I Use Cali Crusher Products With?

Cali Crusher is first and foremost a dry herb brand. Their grinders, pipes, and bongs are all designed to be used with botanicals. 

However, dab fans are provided thanks to the great range of Cali Crusher Nails. 

Cali Crusher Most Popular Products - Staff Picks

Cali Crusher - 5.5" Sherlock

The Sherlock is a unique and retro type of pipe, offering an incredible amount of cooling and a surprisingly large bowl. The Cali Crusher Sherlocks are particularly unique and show how much the design of Sherlock Pipes can vary. They have worked a wild bend into the stem of their pipes that put the mouthpiece higher than the bowl. Cali Crusher has designed a fantastic piece of glass that is comfortable to hold, and so stable you can set it down on its flat base to free stand. A carb hole found on its left-hand side makes it easy to control the power of your hits, while the tapered mouthpiece ensures that no ash makes it into your mouth!

Cali Crusher - 10" Straight Bong

This bong from Cali Crusher stands an impressive 10" tall, more than large enough to serve as the centerpiece of any bong collection. On top of this, it is available in a range of colors ranging from black to fiery orange. 

It features two inbuilt ice pinches for an added level of cooling and is made from a thick 32mm glass that will more than stand up to the trials and tribulations of frequent use. 

Cali Crusher Homegrown 2.35" 4-piece grinder

This heavy duty grinder shows how Cali Crusher is among the best grinder companies on the market. 

This heavy duty, four piece grinder is a miracle of dry herb engineering. It features a patented quick lock system that means you don't have to worry about any fiddly threading, a quarter turn is enough to secure and release each segment. The teeth found within the grinder are aligned precisely to chop and shear through your herb quickly and easily. 

Final Thoughts on Cali Crusher

Cali Crusher is a major name when it comes to dry herb grinders, however, they offer so much more than that. All of their incredible products are built to the highest standards and offer a truly incredible amount of quality.