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Dry herbs are part of a lineage and legacy of recreational therapeutics that span centuries. These herbs have provided benefits for so long, that we often forget that even their methods of use have been alive just as long.

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Water pipes date back to the earliest civilizations, and were being patented in the USA as far back as 60 years ago.

At EveryoneDoesIt, we are committed to providing you with the best cheap bongs on the market, and we know that you probably want to know a little more about the bong world and what you can expect as you shop.

As you go through our catalog, you will inevitably have some questions about the fundamentals - be it how to use a bong, or what attachments to purchase as well as the best tips for owning a cheap bong. Read on for the latest and greatest in the bong and water pipe world.

FAQ's About Bongs

1. How Do Bongs Work?

Bongs work by filtering your lighted herbs through water. This is done by filling your bong with water just above the percolator or diffused downstream, which is where the smoke gets filtered through. You will inhale the vapor through your bong mouthpiece for a flavorful and smooth hit.

2. Can bongs go in a dishwasher?

Unfortunately, bongs are a bit too big for your everyday dishwasher. For cleaning and maintenance, you will have to wash your bong yourself.

3. What is a Percolator?

A percolator is an attachment or device that can be used to efficiently filter the smoke from your dry herbs or concentrates. Percolators can be simple or complex, and their prices will vary. Not all bongs will have a percolator, some will have a downstream, which performs the same function.

4. What is an Ice Catcher?

Sometimes this is called an Ice Notch or Ice Pinch. All these versions mean the same thing. Basically, an ice catcher is just a simple built in notch or groove in the neck of your bong that can trap ice cubes. The idea behind this is that the ice cubes add an additional filtration and smoothness effect for your hits.

5. What is the difference between a bong and a dab rig?

A dab rig and bong have a lot in common, actually. Their design is similar, and they can be interchangeable based on what attachments are on them. A bong, in terms of vernacular, is where you would smoke dry herbs. A "nail" attached to a bong would allow you to smoke concentrates.

The same applies vice-versa. A dab rig is primarily known for concentrate and wax hits, but you can convert both or either into whatever you want.

Different Types Of Cheap Bongs For Sale Online

Tube Bong

The classic design; this bong is typical vase-like in shape and can brag about its design spanning millennia. This type usually has a long neck and a rounded bottom where water can go. This a fairly efficient bong that is compatible for any type of user, from novice to expert.

Silicone Bong

Malleable, durable, and convenient, a silicone bong will stand out in your collection as being the most versatile of the pack. This means you can travel with it, and accidents, inevitable as they may be, are not nearly as terrifying as those with glass bongs.

Beaker Bong

Beaker bongs are terrific due to their shape. The flat bottom of these bongs is great because it stays upright, and is a lot harder to tip over. The broad base of the beaker makes for an additional anchor to whatever surface it is on, and the capacity of this bong is a bit higher, making for even smoother hits.

Bubbler Bong

Your bubbler bong will be the more compact of the pack. This bong is a lot smaller, usually no taller than 6-8 inches. That does not mean you are losing any of the effectiveness or power of a normal sized bong, however.

The design of this bong is such that it has a significantly large reservoir, and cool your dried herb vapors quite efficiently. And being so compact, they are perfect for sessions with friends.

Dab Rig

Dab rigs are used with waxes or concentrates. These look like bongs, but as mentioned before, serve a different purpose. They have a "nail" attachment, which is basically a compartment for your wax concentrates.

You will heat up this compartment to a high temperature and place your concentrates into the bowl, and from there you will hit it just like you do with that traditional bong.

Why Are Bongs Still Popular?

Bongs are unique in the sense that they offer a terrific, smooth hit of your dried herbs, are simple and easy to use, and give you great flavor thanks to the mechanism of water cooling and other attributes like the ice catcher and different types of percolators and such.

Also, the ease of use is amplified by the spacious bowls that bongs usually boast. That means you can get great sessions all on your own of course, but it is even better if you want to use your bong in a social setting.

Sure, you will have to clean your bong on a regular basis, but this is far better than the cumbersome nature of joints or dry pipes, the former which takes some prep work that is not everyone's strong suit, and the latter can get even dirtier and ashier.

Bongs are also economical. Many bongs for sale come in at very appealing price points, plus they are very sturdy and made of borosilicate glass, so there is a certain amount of longevity that you can expect from a bong.

Silicon bongs are available for those of us out there who cannot trust ourselves to not be clumsy around glass, so this is another added perk. Overall, the appeal of bongs stems from its sturdiness and economical appeal. Sure, you can get a "luxury" bong, but even a traditional beaker style bong will last you a long time.

How to Select the Perfect Cheap Bongs For You?

Bong Shape

For bong shapes, sometimes a tube is the best way to go if you want something that is a no-brainer in terms of use. However, if stability and security are more your thing, then a beaker base bong or even a bubbler style bong may be more up your alley.

A beaker style bong will also have a lot more room at its reservoir, giving you great, cooled hits pretty reliably. There is also the bubbler style bong which is much smaller and compact, making for secure sessions that can go with you anywhere.

This does boil down to aesthetics to a degree, but function is the ultimate goal.

Bong Size and Height

Personally, at Everyone Does It we like smaller and more compact bongs, but that could be because a lot of us here enjoy sessions just on our own and do not usually partake with a circle of friends. And let's face it, sometimes you can find a really awesome array of bubbler styled bongs for sale online, whether it be flash sale or holiday specials.

Even so, you still cannot beat the overall effectiveness and smoothness of a taller bong with an ice catcher. Bubbler style bongs often contain ice catchers, but the effect is not the same due to the smaller pathway of vapor that reaches your mouth.

With the larger bongs, the vapor travels a little longer, cooling on the way before getting an even bigger and better blast of cool freshness from the ice catcher. Beaker based style bongs are usually going to give you a nice amount of reservoir for water, so this just adds to the refreshing, pleasant intensity of a session.

Joint Size

Your bong will always come with a joint size specification, so do not panic if you feel clueless when buying your first bong and realizing you have to buy attachments. That said, many bongs will come with a bowl attachment so you do not need to worry about that.

Just make sure you have the information on deck if you decide to turn your bong into a dab rig style contraption.

Glass Thickness

A lot of bongs will boast borosilicate glass, which ranges anywhere from 4 to 6 millimeters in thickness. This is highly durable glass, constructed with the full intent of lasting as long as feasible.

Sometimes this glass is called scientific glass. You may recall the days of high school science lab with the different glass beakers and how they felt to the touch. These glass pieces are built to withstand impact and provide ultimately levels of toughness. The same applies to virtually any bong you buy.

The glass thickness is also great for heat resistance, so you will not be likely to face any discomfort from the handling of this bong.

Lastly, cleaning is a lot easier when the glass is this thick. You can shake, scrub, wipe, and all the rest without worrying about any brittle sections or parts, and bongs for sale will likely tout their glass thickness in the description.

Percolator Type

At Everyone Does It, we are big fans of shower head percolators. As we spoke about earlier, percolators are ridges or grooves built into your downstream or the inner hardware of your bong that help filter your vapor even more efficiently.

A shower head percolator looks just as it sounds; a corona of grooves that percolator the water around it and filter your dried herb vapor even more efficiently.

There is also the honeycomb percolator, the tree percolator, matrix percolator, and even more. You will have to endure some trial and error to figure out which one of these is your favorite, and that means buying a number of bongs or attachments.

We just tend to prefer the shower head percolator because of our good fortune with it, but you may find differently!

Budget Concerns

Ah, the budget. This is an interesting thing about bongs, primarily because bongs can truly run the gamut in terms of how affordable or expensive they can get.

You can find bongs at a trusted online headshot for as little as 20 US dollars. Some bongs can go as high as multiple hundreds of dollars.

This all depends on what kind of technology is being added onto these bongs. Ultimately, bong style smoking of dried herbs is such an old technology that you are just added bells and whistles, and if you are an expert smoker, this may be up your alley.

But as a beginner, just be cognizant of glass thickness, bowl size, and percolator type, and you should be fine.

How To Use a Bong?

1. How Does A Bong Work?

A bong is pretty straight forward in terms of its operational process.

You will add water to the neck of the bong, filling the bong until the water just goes a tad over the air holes of the downstream diffuser or the percolator.

From here, you can test out the bong to make sure there is no splash back. After this, grind your dried herbs to a consistency of your preference. Pack the bowl with your dried herbs, and then light your herbs as they glow orange. While doing this, inhale at the mouthpiece, slowly and evenly. Voila!

2. How To Clean Bongs?

Bongs require isopropyl alcohol, water, and coarse salts to be cleaned. Often times, you cannot really get into your bong to clean and scrub it, so you will have to depend on yourself and your shaking skills to loosen up any buildup, dirt, or grime.

Pour a liberal amount into the neck of your bong, taking care to not overdo it, otherwise it will all splash out. Shake vigorously from here to loosen up all dirt and grime, and when done, pour this solution out and replace it with water to give everything a good rinse.

Once you are done, do the same with any detachable parts (submerge these parts if possible). Let everything dry thoroughly before reassembly.

Bongs Parts & Accessories Guide

We may have just mentioned it, but cleaning supplies are the most essential add ons and accessories you can have for your bong.

This means you always need to have isopropyl alcohol on deck for cleaning, and coarse salts are not a bad thing to have around either.

You will also want to invest in some pipe cleaners. These are essential for getting to those hard to reach places, particularly around the mouthpiece and the joint area where things are plugged in, heated and burned.

Lastly, replacement bowls may be something that you will have to replace at some point or another. Bowls can break, as they are thinner than the glass body of the bong, so make sure you have bowls in your particular size and style that you can easily replace for broken parts. 

Pros and Cons

For us at Everyone Does It, we see the pros and cons of cheap bongs in the following way:

Pros: bongs are highly effective at delivering amazing, invigorating sessions. This is done through very well filtered vapor. You get very pleasing flavor and aroma from bongs without the harshness of smoke.

In addition, you will be highly appreciative of the cleaning process, which is not often labor intensive or something that will make you grimace. By keeping up with things, maintenance for your bong is a breeze.

However, there are some real drawbacks as well.

Cons: Bongs, even at their smallest, are cumbersome to take around. Most of the time, they are made of glass, and the best hits tend to come from the biggest bongs, especially those with an ice catcher. But traveling with your 11 inch bong? Forget it!

Also, even scientific glass, as durable as it is, can break. Bongs are constructed with the full intent of being safe, but all glass can break. This can be challenging too for those of us who are frequent users.

Who Are Cheap Bongs For?

At Everyone Does It, we believe that bongs for sale need not be low quality bongs. If nothing else, we believe in the inherent quality of the bongs we see on the market today.

So with that in mind, we think cheap bongs are essential for intermediate users, who have experienced dry herbs in a rolled joint style and/or vape style, and want to step their game up a bit with better hits.

Bongs for sale will often have great introductory prices for users like this, and you can see some of these very bongs in our flash sales. Many of these brands will also provide you with tutorial videos if you need to see the process in action.

All in all, cheap bongs are for any herbal enthusiast, and they are great for enjoying alongside friends, so we will say that this is for the intermediate, social type.