Named after the infamous Grammy award winning comedy double act whose names will go down in blazing history. Known for their love of herb, they have decided to release a product range in which they aim to share their vast knowledge and experience with you.

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Chongz Airtainer
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Description This grinder is dual action due to the storage it has on top. you grind up your herb at the bottom of the container and then can dump it inside of the airtight container for later use.  It is...

Chongz 50mm 5 part plastic grinder
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This five-piece grinder has really come up with everything you could have thought of. There is a chopping/grinding part, a sifter part, and a storage part.  The different levels ensure you get the best out of your product! It will...

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With Dab Rigs and Vape Pens that pack a real heavy hit, you really get to understand how much these two really love their herb. Cheech and Chong pieces such as Chongdolf Hand Pipe, Love Machine Bubbler and the World Piece Vape Pen are made with such passion and quality that is instantly apparent when you have one of their products in your hand.

Cheech and Chong glass products such as their water pipes and beaker bases are made with borosilicate glass that is not only extremely resilient, but provides a completely unaltered flavor of pure bliss.

If you wish to pay your respects to two titans of the smoking industry and also wish to grab yourself a piece of history in the process, then Cheech and Chong products are for you.