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Chongz are the one-stop shop and one of the world's favourite brands when it comes to creating quality, high-grade scientific glass bongs, water pieces amongst a range of other smoking accessories.

Chongz have an amazing wide range of products, put some of the highest quality are the Burt Tash Pipe, the Green Nasty Triple Tree Perc and the Magnum Tash Glass Bubbler. They have truly mastered the engineering behind the creating a smoking experience with their innovative, durable and most importantly affordable smoking products to suit everybody’s specific needs. You could be into bong smoking, you could consider yourself a bit of an extraction artist or even if you're an OG rollie smokers; Chongz will have something that you will most definitely be interested in.

If you are after products made with care and finished to a high standard, these pieces will certainly compliment any collection and provide years of pleasurable service. With awesome names and balls of steel, Chongz smoking pieces come with more than just quality, they come with style.


Chongz Collection Online

25 cm Rawhide Straight Tube | Chongz


40 cm Gurdas Man Acrylic Bubble Waterpipe

5.0 star rating 1 Review

Adore 30 cm Glass Beaker Bong


Chongz 50mm 5 part plastic grinder


Chongz Airtainer


Chongz Lil Sebastian Glass Porcolator Bong 26cm with 4 arm percolator

5.0 star rating 2 Reviews

J-shway 20 cm Mini Acrylic Waterpipe

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