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Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

There comes a time when you need to clean your piece! After all a clean piece is a good piece, nobody likes a dirty bong or pipe. We have a selection of bong cleaners and brushes, we also stock a large range of pipe cleaners, herb grinder cleaners and pipe wipes to clean out your bowl. Cleaning Accessories don't cost the earth and when you have invested in your perfect smoking companion why not make sure it stays in pristine condition?

With the average bong, after about three uses you will find that resin begins to build-up and caking the sides and breaking up into particles. These particles will flake off  in the water and begin to interfere with the taste and may block some airways, so this is about the time you’ll want to clean it.

The first step of the cleaning process is to disassemble the bong so that all the individual components can be cleaned. Then you should rinse the bong thoroughly under some hot water.

To effectively clean a bong you’ll need a few cleaning supplies all of which you can find here! The most commonly used cleaning supplies include brushes and  bottles which are essential for breaking up any resin that sticks to the inside of the bong. Flexible stem, fine tipped brushes are great for getting to the harder to reach places like the stem and around any percolators. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves when you’re working with solution because it can irritate your skin! You may want some rubber plugs to cover the various holes in the bong so the cleaning solution doesn’t spill out when you’re cleaning it!


Pour the  cleaning solution into the bong, maybe add some rice to add an abrasive effect to the solution.

Cover all the openings on the bong with your hands (or use a bit of fabric to plug them up) and give it a thorough shake. Really put your back into it!

Now take some pipe cleaners and use some rubbing alcohol to carefully clean the stem, bowl, and any other remaining small components!

After this rinse your bong under some hot water and leave it to dry, you can give it a quick rub with a tea towel or some kitchen roll if you want, but be careful, you don’t want to crack or scratch your bong. Congrats your bong is ship shape and shiny and ready for use!

If you need any cleaning supplies be sure to check out our US webstore for a huge range of brushes, solution, and anything else you may need to keep your bong clean!

Our cleaning products have everything you need to keep your bongs, bubblers and pipes spic and span.