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A dab rig might look just like a bong but it is so much more. Dab rigs are specially designed for dabbing with oils, shatter, wax or concentrates. A relatively new phenomenon in the world of cannabis, if you haven't tried it before, don't sleep on it. We have a wide range of dab rigs for a range of prices to suit anyone's budget. 

Glass Dab Rigs for Sale

Dabbing is the reasonably new process by which oil, shutter, wax or concentrate can be smoked through a vapor rig. A dab rig uses a “nail” to smoke oil or wax that is heated to very high temperature using a hand torch to vaporizes before inhaled. Have a look through our massive collection of Dab Rigs to find the rig that suits you perfectly! Cheap dab rig, premium dab rigs, small dab rigs or large dab rigs, what you want, baby we got!

We have a great collection of high quality Dab Rigs for sale from leading manufacturers like Grav Labs, Empire Glassworks, Eyce and many more… Whether you're on the lookout for an elaborate, stylish Dab Rig or a simplistic cheap Dab Rig, we have got you covered. Our dabbing experts dedicated countless hours sourcing the best dab rigs all over the world. We are sure that anyone can find their perfect dab rigs with our wide range of available sizes, colours and styles.

Some of our Most Popular Dab Rigs:

Difference Between Bongs & Dab Rigs:

The most considerable difference between a bongs & dab rigs is the material that we smoke through. A bong is used to smoke dry herb that is packed into your bowl and lit with a lighter. On the other hand, a dab rigs is used to smoke oil, shutter, wax or concentrate that is packed into the nail and heated by a handheld butane torch to vaporize it before inhaling.

Pros and Cons of Dab Rigs:

Anyone who loves dabbing will agree that nothing on earth can compete with it in terms of smoking or vaping. The popularity of Dab Rigs is rising each day, with more and more people choosing it as their preferred method of smoking. 

The Advantages of using Dab Rigs includes:

Convenience You can easily enjoy your favorite concentrate with Dab Rigs with ease and convenience. They are easier to clean and quicker to set up than other forms of smoking.

Safe to Smoke Concentrate: A well-designed dab rig is always a safer option for smoking. While dabbing it includes heating the nail to a certain temperature to vaporizes the concentrate. With Dab Rigs you can do so without melting your hand. Thanks to these rigs great design. 

Small Size: Dab rigs are usually smaller than glass bongs. This helps also as a smaller dab rigs keep the vapor thick, milky and condensed.

The Disadvantages

There are not too many downsides to smoking using a dab rig, however, if you skimp on the quality of your chosen Nail, then you're gonna have a bad time. Low quality Nails can not only be dangerous to use, but they can also lead to wasting a lot of your concentrates, which is something you obviously want to avoid. 

Why A Premium Quality Dab Rig Is A Must

With the loosening of laws across the United States, there has been a huge uptick in interest for premium quality dab rigs. But with this increase in demand, there has also been a flood of low quality imports into the market to satisfy new customers. The danger for the new smoker is that they mistake the well established dab rig manufactures with newer entrants who don't have the same commitment to quality and established reputation. So when you are starting out its essential that go with a reliable dab rig company that will meet your expectations.

The first hurdle, is of course to find the right type and style of dab rig to meet your needs. After that drill down and study the reviews of the established brands before making your final purchasing decision. And remember its better to choose a quality dab rig that will last over a cheaper option that you'll need to replace early.

What Kind of Dab Rig Should I Purchase?

effort There are a range of different factors that one should consider before making a final choice on which dab rig to choose. Leaving aside the general look of the dabbing rig, you should consider the type of base and the features you need.

Most rigs have a fixed down stem or a detachable base, both with their own advantages and disadvantages. You should also consider whether you need a splash guard, water lines.


At EDIT U.S., we've put a lot of effort into making sure our loyal customers are always the first to know what's on offer. Our great range of products include high quality oil rigs, e-rigs, oil sticks, oil nails, vapor domes, slides and many more wonderful oil accessories. If you're a little particular, you can even customise your very own rig to make your very own original piece from your favorite glassblowers. Here at EDIT US, we carry all the biggest brands like Grav Labs while also catering for Cheap Dab Rig enthusiasts alike.

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Dab Rigs

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Empire Glassworks - Mini Rig - Sriracha Bottle

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