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Jammer Mini Dab Rig

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Jammer Mini Rig

Sometimes, simplicity is key. A lot of modern dab rigs are packed with dozens of features, on top of this they can be somewhat large and unwieldy. However, is it possible to enjoy a great concentrate experience with fantastic cooling without all of these features? Thanks to the Jammer Mini Rig it is! 

The Jammer Mini Rig is a compact and sturdy dab rig that allows you to enjoy oil and wax concentrates quickly and easily. Though it is small, that doesn’t mean that it can’t deliver great cooling. In fact, one of the advantages of its small size is how it allows you to enjoy the true authentic flavor of your concentrates.

The Jammer Mini Rig is an incredible piece for anyone who wants to focus on getting the best, most authentic hits out of their concentrate 

Top 5 Jammer Mini Rig Features 

1. Borosilicate Glass

For its diminutive size, the Jammer Mini Rig is packed with amazing quality. Though the glass it is composed of is thin, it is far from brittle. It is composed of borosilicate glass, a special material that is resistant to thermal shock and stress fractures. This type of glass is created by carefully adding silica into the glass mix as it is created. When it is blown into shape and cools it forms a crystal clear, high quality glass that oozes quality. 

2. More Flavor

There are a lot of advantages to a smaller bubbler. Some are obvious at a glance, the smaller the bubbler the easier it is to transport, store, and clean. It's also great for those who value discretion above all else. However, there is another, less obvious perk. Concentrate hits are different from those of a bong.

They are a form of vapor and can’t travel as far as smoke hits before dissipating into the air. This means that the further your hit travels the more of it you lose. A compact mini bubbler like the Jammer allows you to enjoy your hits to the fullest extent while still enjoying superior cooling. 

3. Quartz Bucket

The Jammer Mini Rig is intended to be used with concentrates and comes packaged with a bucket. Buckets and nails are the two main ways of enjoying concentrates, with buckets being more specialized towards oils. These are very different from the more traditional bowls that bongs use.

For one thing, they operate at far higher temperatures. They need to do this because for a concentrate to vaporize smoothly it has to be extremely hot. For this reason, buckets and nails tend to be made out of conductive and thermal shock resistant materials. Quartz is a particularly popular material as it offers smooth heat conduction and is totally non-reactive, allowing users to enjoy their concentrate’s most authentic possible flavor 

4. Straightforward and Functional Design

A lot of bubblers in this size range tend to be complicated tangles of downstems, cooling pipes, percolators, and recyclers. All of these serve their own purpose, but they can be a bit much for some of us.

The Jammer Mini Rig eschews a lot of these extras and focuses on delivering the most straight forward and authentic concentrated experience possible. It is little more than a downstream, a reservoir and a mouthpiece. This also helps make it a more robust piece of kit, you don’t have to worry about myriad fragile glass tubes and percolators. 

5. Great Aesthetic

Beyond basic functionality, the design of the Jammer Mini Rig is truly outstanding. It features a simple, ergonomic design that puts a focus on ease of use and is mindful of the drawbacks of such a compact rig. A lot of the attraction of this piece comes from the clarity and quality of the glass it is made out of. The only adornment of note is the minimalist MJArsenal that is stamped on the front of the rig. 

How To Use The Jammer Mini Rig

1. How To Operate The Jammer Mini Rig

Using the mini jammer rig is quick and intuitive, however, it does differ slightly from bongs and other methods of consuming dry herb. Rather than packing the bowl and then applying heat, dab users apply the heat to the bucket first. This is done with a small butane torch. When the bucket reaches a high temperature the concentrate is applied with a small dab tool. This evaporates instantly, allowing you to take a long, slow hit, allowing the reservoir to cool the vapor. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From The Jammer Mini Rig

The best way to get cool hits from the Jammer Mini Rig is to ensure that the water in the reservoir is no warmer than room temperatures. This is because the water acts on the surface area of the hit as it is pulled through it, cooling it.

3. How To Clean/Maintain The Jammer Mini Rig

The Jammer Mini Rig is incredibly easy to clean thanks to its compact size and minimalist design. To start, make sure you empty the reservoir. Then, partially fill the rig with isopropyl alcohol or cleaning solution.

Put stoppers into the mouthpiece and joint, or simply cover them with your fingers, and shake the rig unit the build-up inside of it breaks up and dissolves into the alcohol. To clean the bucket, simply wet a small, soft-bristled brush with some alcohol and carefully break up any patches of grime. Then rinse everything with warm water and allow it to air dry. 

Technical Specifications


4.25 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

10 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degree

Percolato Type




Glass Thickness





MJ Arsenal

What’s included:

  • 1 Jammer Mini Rig.
  • 1 Quartz Bucket. 
Jammer Mini Dab Rig

Jammer Mini Dab Rig

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