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DaVinci IQ2
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Who Should Buy The DaVinci IQ2?  If you consider yourself a discerning vaper, a true aficionado who demands the finer things out there, then the DaVinci vaporizer IQ2 is a must. There are few vaporizers on the market that so...

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Ascent U Glass Adapter
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Ascent U Glass Adapter - Intro Manufactured by DaVinci specifically for the DaVinci Ascent vaporizer. The ascent U Glass Adapter is the connection between your vaporizer and water device. It helps to improve the cooling and rehydrating of the vapor. This...

DaVinci IQC
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Who Should Buy The DaVinci IQC? In 2017, DaVinci released the original IQ vaporizer, followed by the IQ2 in 2019. The Davinci IQC has been released in 2021 with improvements to technological features, greatly improving the performance of the unit....

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Who Should Buy The DaVinci Miqro? The DaVinci Miqro is the perfect portable vaporizer for anyone who loves vaping dry herb on the go. Its design is compact yet powerful and looks discreet and stylish enough to use while you’re...

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DaVinci is synonymous with style, cutting-edge design, and incredible flavor. Their first vaporizer, the DaVinci Ascent was one of the very first premium-quality portable vaporizers and since then they have redefined what quality means in the vape scene time and time again. 

DaVinci produces some of the most unique vaporizers on the market, with features and designs that are distinct from everything else. On top of this, they have perfected techniques for getting the very most out of your dry herb's authentic flavor.

DaVinci, despite having a very limited range, stands head and shoulders above a lot of the portable vape industry. This is because of quality, incredible design, and cutting edge technology

Why DaVinci?

DaVinci designs its vaporizers for true vape aficionados. Their vaporizers are the epitome of style featuring incredible design elements that set them apart from every other vape on the market. Their iconic dot-matrix display is the best example of this. The DaVinci vaporizer uses a grind of LEDs to create stunning and animated displays that let you know everything about what's going on inside your vaporizer. 

DaVinci vaporizers are also ideal for those who truly want to savor the taste of their dry herb vaporizer. Their heating systems, chamber materials, and flavor chamber system all work together to let users enjoy the purest, most authentic flavor of their dry herb. 

If you want a vape experience that is a notch above, then look no further than DaVinci.

DaVinci Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are There Any DaVinci Accessories?

DaVinci supports its vaporizers with a huge range of different aftermarket accessories. For the most part, these are quality of life improvements like 4 slot digital battery chargers, or dosage pod holders that make preparing and charging your vaporizer easier. They also have specially designed covers that help protect your vaporizers aesthetic, while preserving all of its style. 

Q2: Is There A DaVinci Smartphone App?

There is a compatible smartphone app for all bluetooth enabled DaVinci vapes. However, an important thing to remember is that these apps have limited availability on apple platforms.

Q3: What Are Flavor Chambers?

These are essentially small pods that can be preloaded with different herbal blends to give your vape experience a twist. 

Q4: Can DaVinci Vapes Be Used With Concentrates?

DaVinci Vaporizers are built from the ground up for compatibility with dry herbs alone. At the moment they have no dual-use or concentrate vaporizers.

Q5: Where is DaVinci Based?

DaVinci was founded in 2011 with the desire to change the world's imagination. They are a US vape company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

DaVinci Most Popular Products - Staff Picks

DaVinci Miqro

The Miqro is a more compact and portable version of the IQ. It has all of the styles of the IQ but in an adorable, miniature form. This is a vaporizer that was built as an everyday carry or for solo use. It is less than two-thirds the size of the original IQ, in fact, it might just be one of the smallest portable vapes on the market. 

It has an ultra-rapid heat-up time of fewer than thirty seconds, this is perfect for portable use, ready to go whenever you want.

Despite its smaller size, the Miqro hasn't sacrificed any of its vaping power. It features the exact same fantastic ceramic zirconia heating system as the IQ. It is capable of generating and delivering the same, incredible, and delicious hits as the original IQ. 

The DaVinci IQ 2

The IQ was a truly cutting-edge vaporizer. However, DaVinci isn’t the kind to rest on their laurels, and they worked hard to improve on perfection. 

The DaVinci IQ 2 is a worthy heir to the original model. It takes every aspect of the IQ and tweaks it until it's even better. It has more power, delivers more flavor, looks better, and has more modern, quality-of-life features. The IQ 2 is a truly attractive vaporizer, it features a futuristic, minimalist design with a slick finish and cutting edge and iconic features like DaVinci’s iconic dot matrix LED display.

The DaVinci IQ 2 builds on the already incredible vapor quality of the IQ. It doesn't produce huge clouds, instead, it creates smooth, cool, and delicious vapor. On top of this, it features the iconic flavor chamber. This allows users to pack dried herbs to the chamber, infusing each hit with an additional level of complexity. Unique to the DaVinci IQ 2 is its fully adjustable oven size. It has a zirconia bead built into the heating chamber lid. This can be lifted or lowered to adjust the amount of space in the chamber.

Finally, the IQ2 has an advanced dosage control system. This allows users to pack the IQ 2, enter the amount of THC and CBD present in their herb, and the IQ will display how much of each is in each hit! 

Final Thoughts on DaVinci 

DaVinci is an essential part of the vape industry. With each release, they raise the bar for the entire industry that little bit higher. Their dedication to style has elevated portable vapes up to the status of smartphones, and other devices. DaVinci’s dedication to flavor has made vaping the best way to truly enjoy dry herb, and their dedication to innovation means that they will be thought leaders in the industry for years to come.