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If you want to enjoy concentrates, Dr. Dabber is the best place to start. After all, it's in the name for a reason. Dr. Dabber is an expert in creating powerful, authentic dab vape experiences. When it comes to performance, quality, and vapor quality this brand is a true stand-out. 

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Back in 2013, the vape scene was still small, with vaporizers being a more niche gadget than popular consumer electronics. This was also when Dr. Dabber hit the scene. Back then, concentrate vaping was even more niche than dry herb, so the company was literally starting from scratch. They persisted, and today they are one of the biggest names in the fastest growing sector of the vape industry. 

Today they are a trusted, reliable, and award-winning outfit with some of the best concentrate vapes that money can buy under their banner. 

Why Dr Dabber?

Dabber has been in the concentrate vape industry for so long that many long-held rules and customs of the scene were established by them. The majority of their range is composed of sleek and discreet dab pens. These are the best way to enjoy concentrate hits on the go, offering incredible power in a portable package. 

If you want to take things to the next level then water cooling is the way to go. These electronic dab rigs cool the surface area of each hit, making it smooth and easy to inhale. Finally, they have a range of accessories designed to improve your concentrate experience from start to finish.

Dr Dabber Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where Is Dr Dabber's HQ?

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, this has been their head of operations for years. With the wave of cannabis legalization sweeping across the US, it looks like they're not going to be leaving anytime soon. 

Q2: What Accessories are Available?

Concentrate vaping requires more tools than other forms of vaping. This is because of the unique attributes of concentrates. Dr. Dabber is aware of this and has a range of fantastic aftermarket products that are designed to help you get the very most out of your dabs.

This range includes the Dr. Dabber silicone honey mat for easier handling. The Recycler Pendant allows you to enjoy water-cooled vapor with nearly any device, and the budder cutter dabbing tool. 

Q3: What Materials Can Be Vaped?

Dr Dabber vaporizers are overwhelmingly designed to work with concentrates. The main types of concentrates the work with include oils and waxes, however, some units can work with shatter. 

Q4: How To Know When A Dr. Dabber Device is Fully Charged?

When a Dr. Dabber device is charging, the light on the charger will turn red. When it is fully charged it will switch to a constant green color. 

Most Popular Products - Staff Picks

1. Dr Dabber Light

Light by name, light by nature. This is the most compact vape in the Dr. Dabber range. It is a dab pen designed for use with both wax and oil-style concentrates. Don't think that power has been sacrificed for size, this device uses the same heating coils as the bigger Dr. Dabber ghost. It has a super-rapid heat-up time and generates some incredibly potent and consistent vapor. 

2. Dr Dabber Ghost

The Ghost is the flagship vape pen of the Dr. Dabber range. Compared to the Light, it has a large capacity for material and a higher level of vaping power. This potency comes from a titanium atomizer that has superior conductivity when compared to other materials. It comes with a full range of dabbing accessories to make sure that you have everything you need

3. Aurora Vaporizer Pen

The Aurora is Dr. Dabber's premium vape pen. It is built from the ground up to give its user the ultimate control over their vape experience. Not only this, but it has a cutting-edge design that uses threadless snap technology. This utilizes magnets to securely fasten all of the components of the vapes together. This means no awkward thread and no risk of leakage. Even its charger is magnetic!

The Dr Dabber Aurora comes with a choice of three atomizers. 

They include a dual quartz rod for rapid heat-up times, with wax concentrates, a dual ceramic rod for oil-style concentrates that need consistent heating, and finally: a ceramic halo atomizer for denser wax concentrates. All three of these link up to Aurora's crystal quartz dish that allows you to enjoy the pure and untainted flavor of whatever concentrate you use it with. 

4. Dr Dabber Boost

The Boost is an example of Dr. Dabbers’ departure from dab pens. It is actually what is called an e-mail. This is a powerful and potent form of concentrate vaping that is designed to work in a way more similar to combustion-based methods. 

It comes with a selection of three nails: Quartz for smooth and authentic flavor, ceramic for even heating, and titanium for rapid heat-up times. 

Though it might look complicated at first glance, it is actually an incredibly user-friendly device. It easily clips together and swapping between its three nails is simple. It also features built-in water filtration that cools each hit by drawing heat directly away from its surface area. So you can expect luxuriously smooth and tasty hits. 

Final Thoughts

Dr. Dabber is all about reliable, easy to use, powerful, and above all; discreet vaporizers. They are designed to be the perfect no-fuss portable dab pen. On top of this, they bring the world of e-nails to more casual users without any loss in quality. 

It's no wonder that their vaporizers have enjoyed widespread acclaim. They even have a pile of accolades from VICE, Forbes, and BuzzFeed, and the High Times Cannabis Cup.

It can be said without a shadow of a doubt that Dr. Dabber more than lives up to the hype.