Dr Greenthumb

Hip-hop frontman and avid enthusiast of all things green, B. Real of Cypress Hill has his very own glassware range released under his alter ego and infamous character from the 1998 single, Dr. Greenthumb.

Manufactured solely in the USA but well-known all around the world, the Dr. Greenthumb name is notorious amongst the ranks of dry herb advocates. They stock a wide range of glassware products including stunning oil rigs that are designed with the consumer in mind following hours and hours of ‘meticulous research’ from not just B. Real himself, but his Cypress Hill testing crew.

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Each piece is manufactured from Schott Duran Pyrex glass tubes with a minimum 3mm thickness to ensure the products not only look good, but are durable enough to last a lifetime. The entire range of glass rigs are ready to go from the moment you receive them, each one coming with either a quartz nail or titanium nail and globe. One rig even comes with a quartz domeless nail.

With all the differing styles every smoker gets exactly what they are looking for. With lots of developments in the pipeline Dr GreenThumb Glass and B. Real have a product line that will definitely impress for many years to come.