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G Pen Elite Vaporizer

VENDOR: Grenco Science

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G Pen Elite by Grenco Science

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is a compact and efficient conduction vaporizer, the G Pen Elite from Grenco Science features one of the largest ovens on the portable vape market!

The G Pen Elite vaporizer is the newest from Grenco Science. And a perfect fusion of form and function. It is a compact, sleek and portable conduction vape that boasts a huge heating chamber made out of 100% ceramic. The 360-degree heating element ensures that you can expect a huge amount of thick, potent vapor with a quick heat-up time and efficient use of your dry herb.

Controlling the temperature of your vape is incredibly easy and precise, the G Pen allows you to program your desired temperature to anything within the 200 - 428F (93 - 220C) range. The heat-up time on the Elite is lightning fast, only seconds!

LED Display

A temperature control super bright LED screen allows you to monitor and control your conduction temperatures. The battery life indicator ensures you are never left without juice. This clear LED display will allow you to enjoy the exact vaping experience you want, giving you clear feedback of the internal temperature of your vape.

All Ceramic Heating Chamber

With the largest fully ceramic chamber on the personal vaporizer market, this can is able to hold up to .75 grams of dried herbs! Fast and easy 360-degree conduction on all sides of the chambers. Because the chamber on the G Pen Elite Vaporizer is made of ceramic, it leads to the best tasting vape experience you can get. Because of ceramic's nonreactive nature it does not taint the taste of your favorite dried herbs This means that every drag you take from the G Pen Elite will be pure, tasty, and untainted by any plasticy tastes.

Smart Chip Technology

The smart chip technology built into the G Pen Elite Vaporizer ensures that you get the most out of your lithium ion battery. The chip will consistently ensure that your chamber is at the optimal temperature for your dry herb. This frees you from having to keep an eye on the temperature setting of your vape all the way through your vape session, allowing you to enjoy vaping on the go.

Quick Heat Up Time

Due to powerful conduction and battery, the G Pen Elite Vaporizer can heat any temperature from 200 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal taste and vapor drags. You’ll only have to wait approximately 30 seconds before you can enjoy thick, potent conduction vaping from this fantastic portable vaporizer.

Lithium Ion Battery

The rechargeable lithium ion battery guarantees you a huge amount of portability thanks to its long life. You can enjoy long, uninterrupted vape sessions when you’re out and about. When the battery does finally run down you can recharge it with the included micro usb charger. Thanks to its charge-through use you don’t have to wait until your vape is fully charged to enjoy a vaping session.

G Pen Elite

G Pen Elite In Depth Review

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is one of the most innovative vaporizers produced by vape scene leaders, Grenco science. Compatible with dry herb the G Pen delivers powerful, delicious conduction-powered vapor. The G Pen features a sleek, ergonomic design that makes it perfect for bringing with you when you’re out and about, its compact size ensures that it will fit in any pocket or bag. The LED screen lets you know exactly what’s going on inside your heating chamber so you can ensure you can adjust it to have the vape session you want. Speaking of the heating chamber; it is made of high quality ceramic and features a 306 degree heating element that ensures thick, tasty and pure vapor totally untainted by any plasticy tastes. Driving all of this is a high-quality lithium-ion battery which offers hours of continuous use and is rechargeable via USB

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is ideal for those who like to enjoy short, frequent vape sessions throughout the day. The ceramic chamber is hyper efficient for this use and allows you to enjoy efficient and thick vapor in short, sharp bursts. The chamber vaporizes your dry herb from every direction at once, so you don’t have to worry about any hot spots causing combustion and you can expect thick and tasty vapor. You have a lot of control over the heat of this chamber and you can finely adjust the heat of the chamber until it brings out the right vapor consistency for you. For a thinner tastier vapor try a lower temperature, for a more potent vapor push the temperature higher. When you’re finished you don’t need to worry about turning it off; it features automatic shut-off!

The G Pen is incredibly easy to use. The first thing you should do when you take it out of the box is register it on Grenco’s website to avail of the warranty should any of the electronic components fail. The very next thing you need to do is charge the battery with the USB charging cable. Once your battery is full simply ensure that your (larger than average) chamber is packed with high-quality, well ground dry herb. Grinding your dried herb down is important if you want to get the very most out of it; ground material exposes more surface area to the heating elements of your vape, producing more, and thicker vapor.

When you’re selecting a temperature try to aim for the mid to high end of the temperature spectrum for the best results. To adjust your heat simply press down the power button on the front to activate it and then adjust to suit the vape. The heat up time is around 30 seconds, so you won’t be left waiting.

The G Pen Elite is a fantastic portable vape that is ideal for those who enjoy vaping when they’re out and about. It’s extra large chamber, all-round heating, and long life battery ensure that you won’t be caught short. With a compact, ergonomic shape and an easy to use control scheme, the G Pen Elite Vaporizer is a truly fantastic unit.

G Pen Elite Pros and Cons


  • Its ergonomic design means that it can be carried and used comfortably.
  • Smart chip heating means that you’ll get the most out of your battery and dry herb.
  • The ceramic heating guarantees tasty vapor and great heating.


  • The mouthpiece can clog with resin if not regularly cleaned

Beware Of Fakes

All our stock is genuine and sourced directly from Grenco Science. Be aware of other online sellers who may be selling counterfeit products. We will beat any competitors price on a genuine G Pen Elite.


G Pen Elite Vaporizer

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

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