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Dry Product Grinders - Best Dry Product Grinder of 2018

A Dry Product Grinder can be used to cut or chop your dried products. They can also be referred to as tobacco grinders. A Typical grinder has two halves (top and bottom) that separate along with sharp teeth aligned in such a way that when both half are turned, the dry product inside is ground up. Breaking down the dry product can be the most tedious part of our smoking or Vaping ritual. Make it simpler with our beautifully designed dry product grinders from world’s best manufactures like Ryot, Space Case, Compton, Phoenician Engineering & EDIT.

We have a huge selection of the best dry product grinders available, from wooden and acrylic designs and more affordable metal dry product grinders to the mighty Space Case Grinders and Compton Grinders.Dry product grinders are also exceptional tools for culinary use, whereby you can make fantastic spice mixes faster and easier. Have a look at (Space Case Spice Recipes) which provides some great ideas for some great spice mixes.

Dry Product Grinder Shape

Circular shape is the most popular shape of dry product grinder that you can likely see. Circular movement is required for grinding well. Some other shape examples are bullet-shaped, king skull and smiley face grinders.

Types of Dry Product Grinders:


Metal Grinders:

Metal dry product grinders have benefits of sharpen teeth that maximize its grinding efficiency. They are very easy to clean. You can simply wash them with your kitchenware. A Metal dry product grinder is also more pocket friendly than wooden dry product grinder.

They are considered as the best among all dry product grinders. The metal that most grinders are made up of is aluminum, with a smaller percentage of grinders being made up of stainless steel and aluminum coated materials. A Metal grinder can come in a variety of sizes and colours with or without a kief catcher.


Wooden Grinder:

Wooden dry product grinders are popular for their classy and beautiful exteriors. A limitation of wooden grinder is that they do not typically have a Kief net.


An Acrylic Grinder:

if you are looking for most affordable type of dry product grinder then acrylic grinder is best to go with. But finding an acrylic dry product grinder with kief catcher can be tricky, which mean kief can be wasted. As with these plastic grinders kief can get stuck on the teeth.


Pros and Cons:


Efficiency: It’s better than manually cutting your or breaking the legal smoking dried product apart. Grinder comes in variety of sizes ranging from 1.5” to 3” in diameter. You can grind up more dried product at time by using a large size grinder.

Cost Effective: Grinders can do a lot more than just grinding your dry product. Dry Product Grinders can help you save money over time that you would normally spent in buying rolling paper & blunts.

Best Place to Store you dried products: dry product grinders can also use to store your dry product, again helping you in saving money over time. If you don’t mind smelling a bit dry product grinder are great place to store your smoking dried products on the go.

Kief Extraction: Grinder can also be used for making kief. This is the biggest advantage of using a grinder. Kief is made up of legal smoking dry product that is ground up.


  • Dry Product Grinders become clogged after a while.
  • The twisting motion becomes more difficult, if sticky bud residue is put through it frequently.
  • Grinders will require frequent cleaning to ensure a longer life time.

So, what are you waiting for. Just have a look at our beautiful collection of dry product grinders and make it simpler to grind up your dry product anywhere, anytime. Pick up a grinder from your favorite brand and get our famous price match guarantee!