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Bongs and pipes are fantastic, however, they have one pretty distinct downside: They’re so fragile! There’s nothing worse than the crash of glass mid-session, or opening your smoking kit to find your pipe in fragments. If only there was another way! Thankfully we live in the future, and there is an alternative: Silicone. 

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Based in Oregon, USA Eyce is the last word when it comes to silicone bongs and pipes. They looked at the bong scene. It was packed to the rafters with brittle, unreliable glass. So they took it upon themselves to find another way. They were more than successful, they’ve managed to create some of the best and most striking bongs and pipes on the market.

Their beaker bongs and bubblers are available in a mind-blowing array of trippy designs and colors. If that wasn’t enough, they even found a way to make bongs out of solid ice! The Eyce Mold is a groundbreaking kit that allows you to make your own bongs with nothing more than some water and a freezer!

There’s no question about it, Eyce might be one of the most unique brands on the bong market. 

Why Eyce?

It can seem that everything in the industry comes down to thinking about glass. Do you want this high-quality bong made from hand blown glass by mysterious mountain hermits and costs the downpayment for a house? Or would you rather this cheaper bong that was spat out by mass production? Regardless of what you go for, it can still be destroyed by little more than a clumsy gesture. 

That’s where Eyce comes in, they not only make high quality, affordable pipes that look great, they also make bongs that last and can stand up to the roughest of treatment. 

1. Resilient and Original Bongs

Silicone has many times the tensile strength of glass. It is shock-resistant, fall resistant, crush-resistant, and bend resistant. Without a shadow of a doubt, if you get an Eyce bong, it's going to last you. The resilience of silicone makes Eyce bongs perfect for traveling with.

There are few things worse than traveling long distances, only to find out on arrival that your bong was shattered at some point along the way. An Eyce bong is the perfect company for a road trip, it goes with the flow, rolls with the punches, and won’t crack up if it's trapped in the back for hours. 

2. The Eyce Mold 

Now, this is a truly original bong. Usually, when you hear the term ‘ice bong’ it refers to a bong with specially notches that catch and hold ice cubes. This cools your hits and makes for a refreshing session. This is pretty cool, but the Eyce mold is even cooler. It allows you to make a bong nearly ENTIRELY out of ice.

All you do is fill the mold up and freeze it, when you take it out you’ll have a full bong that super cools each and every hit. Best of all, there’s no clean up, you can just leave it in the sink and it will melt away to nothing!

3. Incredible designs

Glass is often appreciated for the way it looks, of course, a piece of masterfully blown glass is fantastic. However, sometimes a bit of transparent glass can get a bit dull to look at. Also, after a while the grime wil build up in your bong, and that can be kind of nasty to look at. Eyce bongs are covered with an incredible, trippy array of designs. Each colour is supersaturated in a way that glass simply can’t match. 

Eyce Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Eyce.

Q1: Is silicone safe?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that fire and plastic don’t mix. After all, we’ve all had a piece of electronics overheat and melt at some point in our lives. Those fumes are hard to forget. However, silicone isn’t plastic, it is more than capable of standing up to the heat of daily use and it is 100% food-safe. You can also be sure that your hits won’t be tainted with any nasty plastic tastes. 

Q2: How do I clean an Eyce bong?

Silicone is as easy to clean as glass, and when you’re cleaning an Eyce bong you can use many of the same techniques that you would when cleaning a glass waterpipe. However, you should avoid isopropyl alcohol as this may damage the finish on your Eyce bong. Instead, use specially formulated Eyce silicone cleaners. This will dissolve and wash away any grime that has built up inside your bong. 

Q3: How does an Ice bong work?

The Eyce ice bong may sound somewhat mysterious at first; a bong conjured from little more than some water and a freezer? Amazing. However, it’s not that much more complicated than an ice cube tray. You simply fill it up, put it in the freezer and wait. Of course, the downspout and the bowl itself aren’t made of ice, instead, they’re glass and reusable. As good as ice is, it still doesn’t react too well to open flame. 

Eyce Most Popular Products - Staff Picks

Eyce are an established brand and they have a huge range of bongs, pipes, and bubblers. They have expanded into nearly every available niche in the bong and pipe market, and have even gone as far as to make inroads into the vape industry. However, there are some pieces that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here’s a short selection of Eyce products that would fit into nearly any collection. 

1. The Eyce Beaker

The much-loved beaker bong has been a fixture of the herb scene for decades. Its broad bottom gives it fantastic stability while also leaving a lot of room for a large water reservoir so you can expect superior cooling. Its long next is comfortable to grasp and its classic style has an enduring appeal. 

Now, imagine all of this, but practically indestructible. 

The Eyce beaker bong is a solid piece of kit, perfect for solo sessions or sharing with pals. It is available in a riot of different colours and its sturdy silicone design means that you can store it wherever you want without a worry. If you’re looking for your first bong or for one that’s perfect to travel with, then the Eyce beaker is a must. 

2. The Eyce Mold 2.0

If you like your vapor cool and smooth, then this may be the ultimate way to enjoy icy hits. The Eyce mold allows you to make your own bong by freezing water in a special mold. This bong will offer great hits, comfortable handling, a glass bowl, glass downstem, and when you’re finished just leave it in the sink to melt away without a trace. No more messing about with a cleaning solution.

3. The Eyce Silicone Spoon

Pipes come in all sorts of materials, from metal and glass to more exotic materials like wood and crystal. However, none of these can stand up the sheer reliability of silicone. A silicone pipe will never crack, fracture, splinter, or succumb to thermal shock. It will simply work and keep working for as long as you want it. 

How To Select 

There isn’t much difference in consideration between buying an Eyce product compared to a glass counterpart. All of their bongs fit the same niche, the main difference is how resilient they are. If you’re in the market for a basic experience for occasional use, then a pipe may be for you. If you’re a bit more serious about your herb consumption, or if you prefer sharing with friends then the beaker bong is a must. 

Finally, if you don’t mind a bit of set up time, enjoy a bit of novelty, and love cool hits, then the ice bong will make a fantastic addition to your collection. 

Final Thoughts on Eyce

Eyce offers a much needed alternative to glass in the bong scene. Their bongs are stylish, strong, and can stand up top any glass bong out there. If you’re terminally clumsy or even if you just don’t want to worry about an expensive piece of glass, then an eyce silicone bong is a must for you.