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For a gang of greasy slackers, the Trailer Park Boys work hard. For nearly twenty years the Ricky, Julian and Bubbles have blown through dozens of get-rich-quick schemes of questionable legality. On top of that, they’ve also done dozens of outright crimes. No matter what they get up to, however, there’s no question that they’re among Canada’s biggest pop culture icons.

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Now, Famous Brandz has brought out a line of fantastic glass herb products, packed with quality and emblazoned with the Trailerpark boys. However, these are much more than some cheap merch. Famous Brands have over 20 years of experience in the bong market.

They know what makes a good bong and they know how to create beautiful pieces that last. They have made ranges of bongs for dozens of pop culture figures including Cheech & Chong: Up In Smoke, Trailer Park Boys, Jay and Silent Bob, and Snoop Dogg.

They might be one of the most well-known brands in the market, but most people know them through their partnerships. 

Why Famous Brandz?

1. Fantastic Glass Quality

Famous Brandz are about as far from a quick cash grab as you can get. They have over two decades of experience in the bong and water pipe scene, and the quality of their products show this. Their bongs are made out of high-quality borosilicate glass, high quality and durable form of glass that is resistant to thermal shock and non-reactive. 

2. Amazing Design

These bongs are so much more than mass-produced beaker bongs with some decals slapped on. As pieces of glassware alone these bongs are incredible works. Features interesting curves, broad footprints for stability, and even going as far as to fuse different types of glass together. This results in a stunning and incredibly functional bong that is a joy to behold and even more fun to use. 

3. Classic Bong Types

Famous Brandz utilizes some of the best known and most popular bong types to ever hit the industry. The ever-popular beaker bong is used in the Bubbles Face Bong and the Kitty Love Bong. This bong shape offers superior stability and extra filtration thanks to its extra-large reservoir. Ricky on the other hand is a simple tube bong with a twist. It has a rounded mouthpiece for comfort and a pinch in the middle of its airpath. This pinch is designed to catch ice cubes to provide superior levels of cooling. 

4. Loveable Characters

Each Famous Brandz bong is dedicated to a beloved character from The Trailer Park Boys. Each of the main characters gets a bong dedicated to them, and each of these bongs has a different twist to its design that encapsulates the spirit of its character. Bubbles in particular, gets two entire beaker bongs all to himself, one is the Bubbles Bubbler, which features a portrait of Bubbles himself.

The second is the Kitty Love Bong that features Bubbles and his beloved legion of semi-feral cats. Julian and Ricky both have bongs to themselves, and there is even an ensemble piece with all three of them on it. Regardless of who your favorite character is, you can find a bong for yourself!

Famous Brandz Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are These Bongs Merch?

Famous Brandz is renowned for partnering up with cannabis celebrities from across the world, everyone from classic icons like Cheech and Chong to more modern legends like Snoop Dogg. However, this doesn’t mean they’re little more than band merch. Famous Brandz has a wealth of experience in the bong scene and they know how to make some truly fantastic pieces of glass.

While these bongs may be decorated with a host of pop culture icons, they are far from cheap merchandise.

Q2: Where are Famous Brandz Based?

Famous Brands are Based out of Canada, just like The Trailer Park Boys. Canada’s herb scene is currently going through a veritable renaissance thanks to the advent of legalization. So it’s no surprise that some of the finest herb products in the world come out of the Great White North.

Q3: Are Famous Brandz Compatible with Dry Herb?

The vast majority of cannabis products can be divided into one of two categories: are they compatible with ground herb or are they compatible with concentrates. Each of these materials demands different methods of consumption. 

All of our Famous Brandz products are designed for use with dry herb. This generally means that all of our bongs and bubblers come equipped with bowls, which are small glass dishes that are designed to hold and burn ground herb. 

Famous Brandz Most Popular Products - Staff Picks

The Julian Bong

The Julian is the biggest, and most impressive of the line. This tube bong has a broad clear bongbase and white glass accents. The neck is composed of a striking white glass that reaches from above the reservoir right up to the mouthpiece. This bong stands at 12” tall and features a diffused downstem for extra cooling. This is a serious piece of kit. 

The Ricky Bong

The Ricky is a beaker bong with a broad and stable black-glass base. It has a black glass downstem and black glass mouthpiece, making this one of the more stylish bongs in the range. Ricky’s face is on the side of the spout, just above the downstem. 

The Bubbles Bubbler Bong

The Bubbles Face Bong is a fantastic beaker bong with a comfortable, ergonomic neck, and a handy ice catcher for smooth hits. Bubbles himself can be found emblazoned on the outside of the beaker. 

How To Select 

Ultimately choosing a Famous Brandz product comes down to three factors, your budget, what type of herb experience you want, and what character you like the most! If you’re all about getting the most cost-effective piece of kit then you should check out the more compact and cost-effective beaker bongs and bubblers.

However, if you’re all about huge, lung-busting hits, then you’ll want a chunky bong like the Jullian. However, if you just want the bong that features your favorite character, then you’re more than well 

Final Thoughts on Famous Brandz

Famous Brandz is a unique brand in the bong scene. They offer characterful bongs that literally feature some of your favorite characters. However, it's always important to remember that these designs aren’t the be-all and end-all of Famous Brandz. This is a solid and high-quality range of bongs that will serve you as well as any of their unadorned counterparts!