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The Firefly vaporizer is quickly becoming legendary amongst the vaporizing community. The land of Oz is one of many countries throughout the world where the vaping population have not only been impressed with the magnificence of the Firefly, but have become blown away by the Firefly's magnificence.

The vaporizer is a very sleek, professional, and efficient device which surpasses all expectations. The Firefly comes in three separate colours: Grey, black, red, and silver and each colour has adds to the vaporizers overall aesthetic appeal.

The added weight ensures reliability and security in the product, and as portable vaporizers go, this machine is one of the most productive out there on the Australian Vaporizer market. One of the best features is the removable battery and removable air path, which ensures an easy transition of herbs into your lungs. When getting the machine ready for action you need to remove the magnetic lid, open the chamber, and then insert your herbs into the vape.

The thing that sets the Firefly vaporizer apart from the competition is its convection heating technology. This system that heat your materials are only heated when you inhale. What the unique convection technology ensures is not one single drop of your materials are wasted- every last drop is utilized to the highest degree of vaporizing excellence. As soon as you begin inhaling the machine kicks into action and delivers them sublime vapes into your body.

The draws from the Firefly Vaporizer is a thing to behold delivering a nutritious, delectable, and truly magical vaporizing experience. The taste from a Firefly has a tendency to be smooth, delicious, and very consistent. The battery usually lasts for roughly 30 draws. When you need to recharge it takes roughly 40-50 minutes. So no matter where you are the Firefly will only take a few short seconds before its roaring into action.

The one thing about the Firefly Vaporizer is that it seeks to remove all obstacles in the way of your buzz. To clean the Firefly all you to do is wipe the machine down with an alcohol swipe and you'll be ready for your vaping session. When cleaning out the chamber this may take a little bit of extra effort, but nothing too strenuous that shouldn't present you with any real problems.

Overall, the Firefly Vaporizer, is a vaporizer that Australian people need to get their hands on. When opening up a few tinnys around the barby an Aussie bloke should have his Firefly vaporizer beside him like a trusty sidekick. 

The Australian vaping landscape is being transformed right before our very eyes, and Firefly is leading the charge towards a revolution in vaping excellence.  What Firefly have succeed in doing in Australia, and throughout the world, is to design a machine that not only is pushing the boundaries, but has simply blown away the boundaries.