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Futurola - Premium Rolling Papers, Grinders, And Rolling Machines |

Founded by brother and sister team, Evert and Yvonne Brander berg, Futurola is a family run business that can trace its roots all the way back to the coffee shop industry of Amsterdam. From these humble beginnings Futurola have grown from strength to strength to become of of the foremost purveyors of dry herb friendly products in the world.

Every single one of their products personally developed in house and subjected to the closest scrutiny and supervision. They specialize in super-high quality skins and other paper products. Their rollers are made with an outstanding quality that is virtually peerless.

Futurola believe in keeping a constant and watchful eye on the market and herb scene. They’re usually among the first to adopt new developments and are always pushing for innovation in they new products. Thanks to the inhouse production the highest quality is all but guaranteed and on top of that they make sure that all their products come in at affordable prices.

Futurola supply a huge selection of useful accessories that will help you prepare, pack, roll, and smoke your dry herb. Their high quality and affordable prices make them one of the most popular brands in the market


If there’s one thing Futurola specialize in it’s rolling papers. Their skins are made from super thin, super high quality paper and come in a range of sizes, from standard right up to king size. You have the option to choose from pre-packaged filters or you can go without, for those of you who like to build their own. For your convenience you can also buy pre-rolled cones which take all the fiddliness out of putting together a joint; simply pack it with your herb blend, roll it and spark up! They even come with built in filters to remove all obstacles that are between you and enjoying your herb!

For the smoker on the go there’s the Futurola storage tube combo pack which comes with a selection of plastic tubes that will allow you to carry your pre rolled cigarettes on you while freeing your mind from the worry of accidentally breaking them


For an even, clean burning smoking experience it’s important to ensure that your dry herb is ground finely. This ensures that more surface area is exposed to combustion and that less of it is wasted!  Futurola supply a selection of stylish and easy to use herb grinders, available in a variety of colors their ABS grinder is lighter than an aluminium grinder and tougher than plastic. Its specially designed diamond shaped teeth ensure that your herb will be evenly and finely ground.

For an even more thorough grind check out the four part aluminium grinder. Built from anodized aluminium grinder comes in three striking colors, black, gold or metallic pink. The sharp cutting teeth do a great job of slicing up even the toughest material and the removable sifter tray makes it a breeze to gather.

Rolling Kits

The Futurola smoking sets are a fantastic gift for the dry herb aficionado in your life (yes, it can be for you). We stock three separate varieties, all endorsed by Tommy Chong, actor, comedian, and dry herb enthusiast; each kit bears his seal of approval, so you know you’re getting quality. Our standard rolling kit with two piece grinder which comes with a large rolling tray, filter tips, a rolling machine and a two piece acrylic grinder! The more premium kit comes with all of the above but with a four piece grinder, and the more affordable kit comes sans grinder but is still amazing quality and value!