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From Vancouver, Canada comes this range of bongs, concentrate utensils and smoking accessories from GEAR and their specialist dab tool branch, Skilletools. GEAR are very much the all-rounders of smoking accessories, producing everything from glass bongs to ceramic and titanium nails for their dedicated oil rigs. The popularity of this range lies with the fact that everything is made to a superb standard, yet is priced to be affordable to all.

Skilletools are a range of purpose made dab tools, designed to make handling wax, shatter and dry sift easier than ever before. Made from premium quality materials such as titanium and stainless steel, Skilletools are the gold standard for concentrate blades, scoops, spatulas and picks – they even come in handy for scraping glass jars and probing between the teeth of herb grinders.

Both Skilletools and GEAR have been around for years and are long-term suppliers of Everyone Does IT. We are proud to showcase their latest and greatest new products such as Skilletools Dr Dab Mini Dabber , 4 Pinch Pull Out Glass Bowl , Dazy Perc Concentrate Bubbler , Green 'Bling' Tube & Quartz Glass Domeless Concentrate Nail alongside the timeless old favourites that our knowledgeable customers keep coming back for.