Glass Bongs

The filtration of smoke through water is the most dependable method of getting the right flavor and effect from your dry herb. Bongs with percolators are even more successful at achieving this. 

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Luckily, at Everyone Does It, we have an assortment of glass bongs for sale, ready for you to indulge in.

Types of Glass Water Bongs

Straight Tube Style

These are the fairly common bongs you will see modern day customers utilize. While these bongs hold less water than other styles, they provide the path of easy learning, as these are probably the simplest bongs to navigate. 

These bongs also have the ability to be modified to accommodate other preferences you may have as a vape enthusiast. This can mean switching out the bowl for a nail so that you can enjoy dabs and concentrates. 

Dab Rigs

These are used primarily for wax concentrates. They feature a “nail,” which is heated with a torch and then left to cool down. 

From here, users place their wax concentrate into the nail and inhale at the mouthpiece. Filtration is less of an issue here, so you are getting potent vapor with your dab rig. 

Oftentimes, these rigs are compatible with dry herbs as well. 

Beaker Base Bongs

The name says it all: this is a beaker base bong. The wide foundation of this bong makes it easy to store and easy for group sessions, and much less likely to tumble off any surface thanks to its design. 

The wide base allows for great sessions due to its ability to hold a lot more smoke. 

Bubble Bongs

These are a bit of a throwback, but they have stood the test of time for a reason. These are flat at the bottom for a supported base, or come with a “feet” or pedestal design that allows them to stand upright. 

Silicone, Ceramic, You Name It

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes these days. And let’s face it, the clear glass bong will do what you need it to do, but some of us like our vaporizer, water pipe, or bong to look a little more festive. 

Maybe you want a 2 foot bong to help tie together the living room. Maybe nice bongs that can also function as flower vases are your thing. You name it, and it probably exists.

You are spoiled for choice. At EveeryoneDoesIt, we encourage you to experiment if you feel the need until you find your perfect fit. Silicone bongs are a great way to have a bong that will be immune from bumps and scratches, while intricate and creative style bongs can help you express your tastes. 

For more in depth instuctions check out - How to Clean A Bong: Your complete guide

Glass Water Bong 101: The Parts and Features

Diffused Downstems and Percolators

Diffused downstems and percolators (percs for short) are integral parts of your glass water bong. A diffused downstem extends from your bowl into the base of the bong, with air slits carved into it.

Sometimes the downstem is fixed, sometimes it is removable. Either way, for dry herb vaping through your bong, the downstem functions as a way to break up the vapor molecules for better cooling and filtering by the water. A fixed downstem will mean that you will probably have a percolator extending into the core base of the bong.

The perc functions the same way as the diffused downstem, except it may have better “dispersion” ability thanks to its shape. Percs have many shapes and sizes too: honeycomb, showerhead, and tree are just some of the names given to more uniquely styled percs. 

Ice Pinch

The function of ice with vaporizing may seem bizarre, but nice bong rips that pass through both water and ice are a special kind of smooth. Some bongs out there have an ice pinch or ice catch (they mean the same thing), a nook inside the neck of the bong where ice can neste, functioning as the last point of filtration for your vapor.

Pros and Cons of Glass Water Bongs


  • Great Cooling
  • Classic Appearance 
  • Easy to Use


  • Glass can be delicate
  • Requires combustion to use

Bong Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: These bong prices are unaffordable, are there other options?

If you want to start slow and reasonable with your bong purchase, we recommend mini rigs or mini bubblers. These come at a better price point, are simple and easy enough to learn how to use, and can function just fine while you save up for larger, luxurious clear bongs. 

Q2: How Do Bongs Make For Better Vapor Quality?

The primary reason bongs are so beloved is because they are the best at filtration. When you light up your dried herb or flower and simultaneously inhale at the mouthpiece, smoke is pulled through the bowl and downstem, percolated by either the downstem or the percolator, and then lifted through the water, infused by the cool molecules and cooled down by ice (if there is an ice pinc). The result is a smooth, easygoing hit.

Q3: Are Dab Rigs Better than Water Bongs/Water Pipes?

Not necessarily, they are simply different. Dab rigs require a few more steps - they are heated by a torch, and have a bit more of a learning curve compared to your average dry herb or flower bong. 

Dab rigs use wax concentrates that are heated by the nail, which is just a cheeky way of describing the glass or quartz “bowl” that your wax concentrate is placed in after heating up the nail with the torch.

You inhale the vapor the same way, but because dabs are so much more purified than regular flower or herb, the hit is a bit more concentrated and intense.

Q4: What Are the Cleaning Protocols for Bong Glass?

It is true that bongs require regular cleaning, even if they are made of scientific or borosilicate glass, which is the toughest glass around. 

Heavy usage will mean grime and debris will buildup on your bong glass, both on the interior and exterior. It is best to stay ahead of the curve on this.

To do so, simply invest in isopropyl alcohol and coarse salts. This solution mixed together, poured into your bong, and shaken up provides a great internal clean. For the external parts, soak these in isopropyl alcohol as well.