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Vaporizer specialists, Grenco Science burst onto the scene only a few years back with their sleek, high quality, portable vape pens, the first to be designed specifically for herbs and aromatherapy blends. Since then they have continued to lead the way with their ingenuity and consistently forward-thinking engineering. Grenco Science vapes are high quality and user friendly with a really small learning curve. What sets them apart is that keep a keen ear on what their customers are looking for.

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The original Grenco models were hugely successful and inspired a whole wave of new concentrate and dry herb vapes, endorsed by counter-culture celebrities and lifestyle brands. 

The collaboration with legendary rap star, Snoop Dogg, was perhaps the moment that propelled Grenco Science from the fringes of the vaping market to the highest highs. The Doggfather put his name to a number of their portable vapes – known as the Double G Series - and spoke publicly about how vaping had become part of his daily routine. More collaborations followed, as Grenco teamed up with The Taylor Gang, Skate Mental, DGK, Black Scale, Primitive Apparel and many other popular brands to produce a super-cool range of wax pens and hand-held vapes aimed at the smoker looking for a healthier way to enjoy their herbs.

Today, Grenco Science are widely recognized as a market leader in portable vaping. The US-based manufacturers have complemented their vaporizer range such as   G Pen Battery , G Pen Elite , Black Scale G Pro Vaporizer , G Pro Herbal Vaporizer , G Pen Wax Vaporizer with a huge selection of spares, optional extras and official clothing and merchandise.