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Happy Daddy - Smoking Accessories, Cleaning Tools |

This range of cleaning tools, scoops, tongs and concentrate utensils from Happy Daddy were created in an attempt to take all the hard work out of keeping your smoking apparatus clean. Machined from high quality 304L stainless steel or Grade 2 pure titanium, the full collection includes pipe tools, grinder cleaners, bowl cleaners, dabbers and the premium quality Genesis dab nails with advanced sublimation heads and quartz dabbing surfaces.

Say goodbye to gunked-up glass pieces, grimy grinders and bunged-up bowls. Throw away all your improvised scraping tools because Happy Daddy is here to cut out all the hard work with these purpose made utensils with angled picks, double-ended blades and precision pokers. The patented designs of these tools makes the task of keeping your glass hygienically clean easier than ever, and the clever designs ensure that you won’t scratch or damage delicate glass surfaces as you ease away the dirt and detritus.

The catalogue of Happy Daddy products continues to grow as the Oregon-based outfit strive to provide the market with specialist implements for the discerning connoisseur.

We stock all top rated products from Happy Daddy such as Big Buddah Stainless Steel Dabber , Slingers Titanium Dabber Set , The Buddah Bomb Titanium Dabber etc

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