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Headdies Glass Bongs, Percolators, Bubblers & Dab Rigs

smoking equipment including bongs, percolators, bubblers, dab rigs and many bong accessories. Anything glass related, Headdies has you covered. Headdies Glass is also a massive believer in supporting the American glass art movement. They are very outspoken and supportive of the glass art movement and their end goal is for all types of glasswork (both functional and artistic) are viewed as pieces of art. We know thats a world where want to live, where all forms of glasswork, even pipe art are labelled universally as legitimate art forms. Art would not be art if it was embraced by everybody but there is no getting around it that all of Headdies Glass pieces are most definitely forms of art. Much like the history of art worldwide, it takes an underground movement of believers and purists to showcase their art, before it will be accepted by the mainstream. Whether you are a lover or hater, champion or critic of glass art, all voices should be heard and treated as equal and this is something that Headdies Glass have stood for, for a long time. Headdies have championed for functional glass to be recognized as true forms of art, and hey, we aren't going to argue against them. So, whether you are on the hunt for a micro bubbler that will allow you to blaze on the go or if you're more into dabbing and dab rigs, Headdies Glass does it all! Just remember to proudly showcase  products from Headdies such as 15 Inch Beaker Ice Bong , 4 Leg Tree Perc Micro Bubbler90 Degree Ash Catcher that beautiful glass artwork!