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Regardless of whether you prefer to use a vape, bong, or hand-rolled joints, there is one thing that you must have to complete your herb kit: a grinder. These mundane devices are essential for unleashing the high-quality potential of your botanicals. Thoroughly ground herb produces better hits, goes further, and tastes better. 

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A good grinder is important, and choosing the correct one for you is even more important. An essential thing to remember is that a good grinder chops up your herb, while cheaper grinders crush them. Chopped herb only burns and vapes better, it is also easier to decant into your chamber or bowl. 

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Grinder FAQ 

Can Grinders Rust?

This depends on the material the grinder is made out of. However, most will be made out of a food-safe material like plastic or anodized aluminum which is resistant to corrosion.

Can Grinders Wear Out?

Over time, depending on the material your grinder is made out of. You may find that the interlocking teeth can wear out and blunt. However, this takes a very long time. 

What Is A Grinder's Kief Catcher?

A Kief catcher is a small mesh screen placed at the bottom of a 4 part grinder's herb chamber. This allows small particles of herb, called Kief, to fall through where it can be collected and used. 

Different Types Of Grinders 

Grinders are generally fairly uniform in their design. They feature at the very least a two-part design that uses opposing sets of interlocking teeth that fit together to grind and break down dry herb. However, there is a certain level of variation. This is often seen in the number of parts a grinder has. Three-part grinders, for example, are designed with a small base chamber that catches ground herb as it is broken up small enough to fall through specialized openings. 

Four-part grinders have an additional layer of filtration, this is a kief catcher for the more potent part of the plant. 

Why Are Grinders Still Popular?

Grinders will always be a vital part of a dry herb kit. Most methods of botanical consumption, be it vaporization or combustion, act directly on the surface area of your herb. To get a more consistent, and effective result, it helps to increase the overall surface area these methods can affect. By breaking up the herb, you increase the overall amount of surface area it can reach. So no matter how you enjoy your herb, a grinder is a must-have. 

How to Select the Perfect Grinder For You?

Many grinders conform to the same basic design, but they are certainly not a one size fits all accessory. You need to consider a variety of factors before choosing the grinder that's right for you. The first thing you can think about is the material. Do you want the light, accessibility of plastic, or the heavy-duty heft of metal? What size of grinder suits you best? Larger grinders are perfect for breaking up a lot of herb at once, however smaller grinders are ideal for those who want a more portable kit. 

Finally, do you want a simple two-part grinder that does its job and no more, or do you want a miraculous multipart grinder that catches and sorts your herb?

How To Use a Grinder?

How Does A Grinder Work?

Grinders work on a very simple principle, they use two interlocking sets of teeth that move in opposite directions to break up dry herb. As these turn, they break the herb into finer and finer particles. Some grinders have little openings cut into them that allow fine herbs to fall through into a special collection chamber. 

How To Operate A Grinder?

Grinders are incredibly simple to operate, all you have to do is drop herb into them, place the lid on, and twist them until you reach the desired consistency. 

How To Clean A Grinder?

Over time, you will notice a build-up of the pulverized herb in your grinder. This can easily be cleaned out. The first step is to use a toothpick or pin to scrape a lot of this build-up out. This can be used in your bong or vape. Next, using some isopropyl alcohol, gently clean out the interior of your grinder. Set it aside to dry fully before using it again. 

Grinders Parts & Accessories Guide

Grinders are more or less all-in-one devices, with few aftermarket accessories. However, some do have replacement parts that extend their life. Some will come with swappable screens that let you enjoy the precise sifting of a screen long after other grinders have become over-clogged. 

Smell-proof storage bags are another must for many bongs, allowing users to store their grinders and protect themselves from the distinctive odor of their herb. 

Pros and Cons of Grinders 


  • Your herb goes further
  • Better vape/ smoking experiences
  • Available in a range of sizes and prices.


  • Cheap grinders can break easily 
  • High-quality grinders can cost a lot.

Who’re Grinders For?

Grinders are for everyone! No matter whether you use bongs, pipes, vapes, or joints, a grinder is essential. Regardless of your level of use, a grinder is essential.

Whether you want a basic plastic grinder or a high-quality, multipart metal beast, you won't be let down by a grinder.