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Highly Educated - Threaded Dabber, Carb Cap, Nails |

Founded in Northern California in 2010, Highly Educated is the brain child of industry professional Task Rok. With concentrates and extracts rising in popularity, he saw an opportunity to provide a better titanium product to the smoking community.

Through constant research and development, Task Rok was able to do exactly that. Since then, they have vastly improved the market for titanium nails. In 2011, they deservedly took home the award for “Best Other Than Glass (OG) Product or Product Line” from the American Glass Expo.

They were nominated again in 2013, when they released the first electronic nail. The e-nail was a huge game changer for dabbing, completely eliminating the need to use torches as a heating method. This research led company didn’t stop there though, they took notice of different materials being used and kept on innovating.

Now they offer a tremendous variety of dab nails such as domeless, electronic, titanium, and even an incredibly unique titanium/quartz hybrid. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Well, we say “often imitated, never duplicated” because we only supply 100% genuine Highly Educated products such as Titanium Nails , UniTi Carb Cap Threaded Dabber etc.