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Back in 2010 in Northern California herb industry veteran, Task Rok seen that concentrates, extracts and oils were slowly growing in popularity. He came to the conclusion that this was an opportunity waiting to be seized. He made the decision to create a line of high quality titanium product for the dabbing community that would stand head and shoulders above anything else in the community. Thus Highly Educated was born.

Task Rok embarked on a long period of research and development and eventually, after hundreds of man hours they were able to deliver a titanium dabbing product that was miles ahead of the competition. Ever since that day they have continued to develop, improve and refine their formula! In doing this they have spurred the titanium nail market to higher and higher standards of quality. They carry this level of quality across all of the products they produce.

In 2013 they changed the face of the market YET AGAIN by releasing the world’s first electronic nail! The e-nail changed everything when it came to dabbing. It completely eliminated the need to use a butane torch, making the entire process safer, quicker and just plain easier. Here is where many companies would rest on their laurels. Not Highly Educated they paid attention to the properties of all of the different materials they worked with and keep on innovating.

They were nominated again in 2013, when they released the first electronic nail. The e-nail was a huge game changer for dabbing, completely eliminating the need to use torches as a heating method. This research led company didn’t stop there though, they took notice of different materials being used and kept on innovating.

They now have a gigantic range of high quality dab nails. From domeless pieces, electronic e-nails, to their classic titanium pieces and new innovative devices like the unique titanium/quartz hybrid nail. There’s a common platitude that goes ‘Imitation is the highest form of flattery’, well to that we say ‘Often imitated, never duplicated’, we believe in this credo so we only supply 100% genuine Highly Educated products such as,Titanium Nails , UniTi Carb Cap Threaded Dabber and much much more.

Nails are an important part of a dab kit! Without them you have no way to vaporize your concentrate. To use a dab you first heat up the nail with a small butane torch, creme brulee torches are popular for this, but we have more specialized lighters on our webstore. Once the nail is red hot pick up a piece of shatter or wax with your dabbing tool and quickly drop in on. If your nail comes with a dome cap, place it over and then inhale all the resultant vapor!

There’s a couple of things to watch out for when you’re using a dab rig. Firstly, when you dab make sure that you don’t burn yourself on the nail it can be incredibly hot and can leave you with a nasty burn! It’s also important to remember how strong a dab hit is! The concentration process creates three types of material: Oil (the weakest dab), wax, and shatter (the most concentrated dab). Each of these have many times the amount of THC that the same weight in dry herb would. Even experienced herb aficionados can find themselves overwhelmed by the potency of a dab hit. So it’s important to pace yourself and stay safe!

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