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Honey Supply is a world renowned manufacturer of high quality scientific glassware and they aim to produce affordable glass pieces that never sacrifice the product’s functionality or durability. As a subsidiary of Nexus Glass, the LA-based glassblowers offer a spectacular array of scientific water pipes, oils rigs, and bubblers. Honey Supply Glass make all of their products from the highest standard borosilicate glass that has been made to withstand high thermal-shock thus leaving you with a bong or glass product that will maintain it's structural base and integrity forever and a day. 

All of the Honey Supply Glass products such as 3 Dot Bubbler , Double Circ Perc BongGrill Perc Oil Rig are manufactured in the USA and the honey Supply engineers have drawn from real-life structures to bring us the revolutionary and signature honeycomb percolator. The honeycomb percolator is one of the most elaborate and efficient percoloators available and nobody does it better than Honey Supply.