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HVY Glass Bongs & Pipes for Sale | Everyone Does It

The South Bay of Southern California is in the South Western most area of Los Angeles County. Compton, El Segundo, Inglewood, and many other notorious Cali hoods make up the birthplace of the HVY Glass brand. Proud to be made in America. We are proud to sell HVY Glass in the USA.

Known for using durable and thick glass for each beautiful piece of glassware, HVY creates each bubbler, concentrate rig, and water pipe with the smoker in mind. Pioneers of intricate atomizers and diffusers, the HVY brand use only the finest quality American borosilicate or German Schott glass on each piece.

From beakers and bent necks to round base and straight tubes, HVY puts aesthetics and engineering at the forefront of design. Scientific clear glass pipes are stamped or etched with the HVY logo. Smaller batches of artistic, heady glass are limited edition and much sought after.

We stock all top rated products from HVY Glass such as 16 Inch Beaker Bong, Colour Lip Bubbler With Fish Perc14 Inch Beaker Bong etc. Click on and check out our massive handpicked selection of HVY Glass.