Ice Bongs

Bongs and water pipes are some of the oldest ways to enjoy smooth and cool hits from dry herbs. Of course, what if you want something a little more refreshing, an added level of cooling? Well, that's when you reach for an Ice Bong. Ice bongs are a great way of transforming your dry herb experience without having to rely on any technical bells and whistles. It simply allows you to increase the cooling of your hits by dropping a few ice cubes into the neck of the bong. Whenever you take a hit, the smoke has to travel up and across the ice, where it loses heat through its surface area before reaching the mouthpiece. 

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Ice Bongs FAQ 

1. How to put ice in a bong?

Most Ice catcher Bongs are designed with special notches on their neck. These are big enough to catch ice cubes without blocking the airpath. To put ice into a bong, all you need to do is to carefully slide the ice cubes into the neck where they will be caught by the notches. It's important not to drop them directly down the neck, as the impact could potentially damage the glass. 

2. Why would you put ice in a bong?

Ice increases the amount of cooling your bong is capable of, leading to smoother, fresher hits. 

3. Can you put ice in a regular bong?

Unless the bong has Ice notches built into its neck, it is hard to replicate the effects of an ice bong. 

4. How much ice do you put in?

Generally, it's best to drop in three or four ice cubes. You want enough to cool your hits as they travel through the airpath, but not so much as to obstruct airflow. 

5. Are ice bongs hard to clean?

Ice bongs are no harder to clean than any other bong. Using a cleaning solution, wash away any grime and some rice as an abrasive should there be any stubborn grime. 

Different Types Of Ice Bongs

Ice Bongs

The most common type of ice bongs are those that are built with notches in their neck, often called ice catcher bong. These are often molded directly from the glass, shaped to catch ice cubes that are slid into the neck. These are a small addition to a bong’s design, but they can totally transform your dry herb experience. 

Percolator Bongs

Percolators are specialized pieces of equipment that connect to the bottom of a downstem. This break hits up into flurries of smaller bubbles. This increases the cooling power of a bong's water reservoir by increasing the amount of surface area for it to work upon. This works well with an ice bong, increasing its overall

Silicone Bongs

Most bongs are made out of high-quality borosilicate glass. This material is high quality, resistant to stress fractures, and thermal shock. However, it is notoriously brittle. Silicone bongs use a shock absorbing and ultra-resilient material. These bongs are perfect for the clumsy, those who travel a lot, or casual users who want to store their bong without running the risk of it breaking. 

Why Are Ice Bongs Still Popular?

Ice bongs have always been a mainstay of the bong scene. The main advantage of a bong is the smooth cooling of the built in water reservoir. When you take a hit, the smoke travels through the water as a series of bubbles, the surface area of these are cooled by the water. 

Ice bongs magnify these effects by allowing the surface area of the hit to flow across the freezing surface of the ice. 

The hits from an ice bong are incredibly smooth and delicious, perfect for summer days or even if you just enjoy something a bit more refreshing. 

How to Select the Perfect Ice Bongs For You?

Selecting a bong is an intensely subjective task. It really comes down to what you value in your dry herb experience. If you're going for a bong, then you clearly value cool, filtered hits. If you want to maximize this, then you should look at picking up a piece with a percolator attached to the downstem. If you're more mindful of cost, then a standard beaker bong with ice notches will be more than sufficient. 

If you want something a bit more resilient, then it might be best to forgo glass altogether and instead look at a silicone bong!

How To Use Ice Bongs and Water Pipes?

  • How Does A Bong Work?

  • A bong is a very simple and straightforward device. The bowl holds your dry herb, allowing you to apply a flame to it. The smoke is then pulled into the body of the bong, where it is cooled and filtered before reaching the mouthpiece. 

  • How To Operate Bongs?

  • The first thing to consider when using a bong is to pack the bowl correctly. Do this by breaking your herb down to a medium grind. Then, take this and carefully decant it into the bowl. For best results, try to put the coarser material towards the bottom of the pack. Put your lips to the mouthpiece and a flame to the herb in the bowl. As you inhale, draw the smoke into the neck of the water pipe. When you are ready to take a hit, quickly remove the bowl. This allows you to inhale the smoke with little draw resistance. 

  • How To Clean Bongs?

  • To clean your bong, you need to start by first, removing the bowl and emptying it. Then carefully empty out the reservoir. Fill the bong with a generous helping of isopropyl alcohol. If the grime build-up is bad, add dry rice into the mix as an abrasive. Cover the bong's mouthpiece and joint with a stopper or your thumb. Shake the bong until all the grime has been broken down. 

    Finally, rinse out all glass items with warm water and let everything sit until it has completely dried. Make sure no alcohol residue remains before use.

    Ice Bongs Parts & Accessories Guide

    Ice bongs work with many accessories that are intended for use with other types of bong. Many ice bongs can be used with selected vaporizers with the addition of a vaporizer water tool. 

    For the most part, many bong accessories are designed to help maintain the state of the piece. Cleaning wipes, cleaning solutions, soft bristled brushes, and maintenance kits help keep your bong in tip-top shape. 

    Pros and Cons of Ice Bongs



    Cool hits

    Reliance on combustion

    Beautiful glasswork

    Few design variations

    Classic way to consume herbs


    Who are Ice Bongs For?

    Ice bongs are for dry herb fans who like incredibly smooth and fresh hits. Bongs have always been the go to for cooling, but when you add ice to the equation your experience will be totally transformed. 

    If you hate the harsh burn of smoke, then look no further than an ice bong. These pieces are a classic way of enjoying herb with a proven track record of incredible vape experiences.