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Incredibowl - Best Smoking Pipe and Accessories

The Incredibowl is a revolutionary smoking pipe that has changed the way people smoke with a hand pipe. To date, Incredibowl have collected 18 separate High Times Cannabis Cup awards for their simple, yet progressive smoking pipes. Available in two different sizes, the Incredibowl is a shotgun style pipe that achieves its amazing effects through a combination of intricate design and advanced physics. The Incredibowl uses multiple carb holes to draw cooling air into the pipe at different stages of the draw. The result is a smooth, clean hit, bursting with natural flavours every time. Here at EDIT, we stock the full range of Incredibowl productssuch as 5 Pack i420 Screens ,Deluxe Bundle M420 BlackM420 Replacement Spring , Standard Smoking System i420 , the original Incredibowl i420, the smaller but equally impressive Incredibowl m420, and of course a comprehensive selection of upgrades, optional extras and spare and replacement parts.

The Incredibowl M420 

The M420 by Incredibowl is a personal pipe that you can milk and hit like a bong, leading to some big, lung filling draws. The M420, the dry pipe with the all-in-one bowl and carb cap has won numerous best product awards. Simply pull the bowl out along the spring to release air into the chamber and rip this personal bong-pipe into herbal bliss. The M40 is perfect for taking absolutely anywhere and hits so smooth despite no obvious means of filtration. The M420 is Incredibowl's flagship product, and we can see why. It's a robust but still very elegant personal pipe that be taken out on demand when you're ready for a big hit. We have Incredibowl to thank for such a remarkably convenient piece. The M420 is on sale right now!