Kannastor Grinders

One of the most recognizable names when it comes to dry herb grinders is Kannastor. They are renowned for stocking a wide range of versatile grinders that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to suit people’s specific needs. Kannastor offers a real diverse and unique line of preparation tools that are made to enhance your smoking experience.

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Kannastor Grinders - Features

Each Kannastor grinder features a removable screen which makes them easier to clean and replace, as well as increasing the grinder's overall screen capacity. They also all feature perfectly placed drop-through holes which allow for your dry herb to drop through at the exact time to prevent over shredding.

Kannastor has included their unique and specially designed blades in each of their grinders which make the whole grinding process effortless.

These grinders also feature a really handy screen guard which is designed to help reduce the stress on the screen.

Kannastor Grinders - Quality

Kannastör epitomizes quality. They perform like true warriors, specifically designed to grind your chosen herb to a fine and optimal consistency. All Kannastor are of high quality, but some items that stand out are the Aluminum Bladed Shredder 2pc and the Four Piece Grinder Sifter. 

If you wish to prepare for an enlightening smoking experience that is unforgettable on the palette, try Kannastör for that clean and pure taste.