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Did you ever think to yourself “What’s the coolest way I could possibly create a bong?” Or perhaps you were wondering, “Damn, I wish I could just 3D print my own grinder…” Well, Kayd Mayd were thinking the same thing… except they actually went ahead and did it! This is a truly awesome organization that likes to do things differently from the rest. And we mean REALLY differently.

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Kayd Mayd is more of a family than a company. Their workshop is a space for experimenting and fun where everyone mucks in and engages in every activity. The outcome of this freedom? Truly awesome 3D-printed, magic-inspired bongs and accessories.

Kayd Mayd has its own in-house product tester in the form of Reina the dog. Reina feels it is her job to chew-test every bong or pipe that falls off the shelf! This is the kind of information we love to discover about our suppliers. Kayd Mayd is a fairly new company and they take it upon themselves to make sure they are staying fun and at the top of their game.

Their main product offerings are 3D printed multi-colored water pipes. Each one is unique in its color configuration. They’re also extremely durable as they aren’t made out of glass so don’t easily shatter. They have a great range of dugouts and diggers which are also (you guessed it…) 3D printed! 

Why Kayd Mayd?

1. 3D Printed Smoking accessories

Complexity does not mean more expensive. With 3D printing, you can design the world’s most complex and intricate bong and hit print. You don’t need a skilled artisan to toil over it for days on end; it will simply print. This means that you don’t need to pay extra to be different. Take the pyramid-shaped Giza Series for example. The unique shape and size does not cost extra! 

2. Incredibly durable products

The products from Kayd Mayd are a cut above the rest. Their products are virtually indestructible compared to glass. These are the ultimate in transportability. Think music festivals, camping trips, skiing adventures. All you need is one of Kayd Mayd’s incredibly practical waterproof dugouts, the Mcfloatinator, and you are good to go! You can relax in the knowledge that your stash is safe and dry. No potential for problems, just good times.

3. Amazingly Affordable yet Unique

Each Kayd Mayd product has been uniquely printed for you. There are no two which are exactly the same color. These 3D printed products should cost more than regular bongs, they’re literally from the FUTURE. All of that being said, you will be shocked to learn that the Kayd Mayd range are some of the cheapest products in the Everyone Does It collection. Can you believe it? We can’t. Considering the fact that each Kayd Mayd product is unique, you are getting an absolute bargain.

Kayd Mayd Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are Kayd Mayd based?

All Kayd Mayd products are designed, manufactured, and packaged in Iowa, USA! This means purchasing from Kayd Mayd is supporting a small yet growing US start-up at the heart of revolutionizing the US cannabis industry. 

2. Is Kayd Mayd Reliable?

The Kayd Mayd team is made up of Kayd, Candy, Tori, Trevor, Dave Jr, Chris, and let’s not forget Reina the dog. From product development to cleaning the bathrooms, everyone mucks in on every task so that they can provide you with the best products at the best prices. 

3. Why is nobody else 3D printing bongs?

There doesn’t appear to be any other company making bongs with 3D printers. 3D printing is still a relatively new technology that has become increasingly popular in the past 10 years. Whilst at first, it was considered to have many novelty applications, more and more practical applications have been found. Kayd has had a great idea which they have converted into a successful business.

4. What Can I Use Kayd Mayd Products With?

Most of Kayd Mayd’s products are either water pipes, accessories or dugouts. The dugouts are perfect for storing all your stash and accessories. The water pipes are great for use with dry herbs or you can purchase an attachment and convert it into something that could take concentrates as well.

5. What makes Kayd Mayd so unique?

Bongs and water pipes are generally made out of either borosilicate glass, silicon,e or acrylic. Kayd Mayd bongs are not soft like silicon, they aren’t delicate like glass and they aren’t tacky like acrylic. They are unique in their material. But they are also unique for another reason. Each product that is manufactured is completely bespoke. They will never create exactly the same product in exactly the same color twice.

Final Thoughts on Kayd Mayd

If you have been searching for that cool, nerdy, innovative brand that 3D prints bongs, you’ve been looking for Kayd Mayd. They truly are doing it differently and in an awesome way. Not only do all their products come guaranteed to impress you, but they’re also much more durable than glass bongs. Prepare to show off to all your friends when you whip out one of the only 3D printed bongs, pipes and accessories in the world today!