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Killer Bongs

Killer have produced an historic range of unique and affordable bongs that are sure to blow your head off. Unlike your standard glass pipe, these pipes are made of acrylic, and all are themed on various assault weapons and explosives. Killer Bongs offer all customers an excellent and nutritious high with a unique bong that will live long in the memory.

Their acrylic bongs are tough, sturdy and durable and feature advanced designs often found on glass bongs such as ice twists and ash catcher chambers. Performance-wise, these bongs certainly live up to their unnerving monikers – huge hitting and uncompromising, we advise caution when taking on a Killer bong.

Killer have a small but outstanding range of product such as: Bongs & Herb Grinders. These products offer tremendous value without sacrificing any of the quality of the product. The products, whilst affordable, still maintain that sense of class, style, and charisma which is so important for any bong lover. For example, The vivid red AK-47 remains a constant, featuring prominently on most of their products and is on the top of all their grinders to remind you that there is a killer in the vicinity.

But Despite the war theme, don't be surprised if Killers Bongs unite the world as one behind the quality of the hit that their bongs provide. To paraphrase John Lennon: "Imagine all the people........... smoking bongs in peace. Imagine all the people...sharing bongs in peace. I hope someday you'll join us....... and we'll share Killers Bongs as one." What we are talking about here is a brotherhood of bong lovers united by the flag of Killer Bongs like  Lady Killer , Tabletop 40 as it fly's proudly in the wind like a figure of hope.

Another thing that Killer Bongs have demonstrated, if proof were ever needed, that it is possible to make a good water pipe from materials other than glass. The standard glass bongs are no longer seen as the only option and with the sublime performance of the Killer bongs we feel that the company has got its finger on the pulse of the future. Because in many ways Killer Bongs are on the cutting edge of a revolution about to happen within the bong industry.