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Killer are one of the top brands out there when it comes to BongsHerb Grinders, and smoking accessories. They're home to a historic range of smoking apparatus and offer tremendous value without sacrificing quality. This brand is unique in that, unlike your standard glass pipe,  Killer's custom hand pipes are made from acrylic. And, they can be spotted afar with their signature, vivid red and black Killer-worthy designs. Not to mention the quirky themed names based on assault weapons and explosives - by the looks of things these branded bongs mean knock out...
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Each limited edition Killer bong is as tough, sturdy, and durable as the name would suggest. They're manufactured with advanced designs and feature custom ice twists, ash catcher chambers, and tree percs. When it comes to performance they certainly live up to their unnerving monikers – we promise you huge-hitting, uncompromising and satisfying sessions. They're not for the faint hearted and when it comes to Killer bongs, we advise caution.
As we mentioned, above, one of the best things about Killer Bongs - apart from their quality- is the price. The products, whilst affordable, still maintain a sense of class, style, and a charisma that is important to anyone who loves bongs!  For example, The vivid red AK-47 remains a constant, featuring prominently on most of their products and is on the top of all their grinders to remind you that there is a killer in the vicinity.

But, despite the war theme we're pretty sure Killer Bongs will do more to unite, as they're the perfect party piece, and one you'll want to show off as a proud owner.

The legendary brand demonstrates that it is possible to make a great water pipe with materials other than glass. And, with their already sublime performance of these products we're convinced that Killer bongs have their finger on the pulse of the future. In many ways, they're on the cutting edge of a revolution about to happen within the bong industry...

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