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To have a proper smoke, you need a quality lighter. At EDIT, we carry a huge variety of lighter shapes and sizes, whether you’re flicking a metal Zippo or firing up a butane torch. Lighters go far beyond the average convenience store offerings, with refillable designs, wind- and rain-resistant models, and portable devices that recharge via USB. Ancient man may have discovered the benefits of fire, but these lighters take a technological leap for the good of smokers worldwide.

First, we’re proud to carry a full range of Zippo products, which are one of the most popular lighter brands on Earth. Founded in 1932, the company developed a reputation for reliable lighters and a lifetime warranty. They use butane and a piezoelectric spark (or flint) for a consistent, controlled flame that isn’t phased by wind. Of course, we have Zippos in classic chrome, but today the brand makes lighters in rugged matte colors and novelty themes, with images of legends like Bob Marley. We can’t recommend Zippo products enough. By investing in a superior lighter, you’ll enjoy it for many years to come.

On the specialty front, lighters are getting more advanced, adding features that smokers couldn’t have dreamed up a decade ago. For example, the Zen electronic lighter is about the same size as a thumb drive, using the same USB technology to recharge its battery. When you’re ready to smoke, simply pull down the slider to activate a heated electric coil. Meanwhile, the Colored Turbo Lighter produces a super-hot blue flame with the click of a button. With a wind-resistant design, the Turbo is ideal for outdoor excursions, and burns herbs at much higher temperatures than a conventional lighter.

Finally, today’s dabbing enthusiasts have plenty of powerful torches to help start the party. Chief among them is the Newport Zero line of butane torches, which offer a seriously hot flame in a sleek package. These tools are essential for dab fans and serious herb smokers alike, providing a concentrated butane blast to ensure that dab nails reach the proper temperature. They also work extremely well for bongs, bubblers, and cigars.