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Linx Vapor- Stylish Dab Pen Vaporizers |

Linx Vaporizers offers some of the very best portable vaporizers for wax, oils and e-juice that money can buy. Their distinctive and stylish vaporizers stand out from the crowd in the market with their attractive burnished silver cases and the stylish Linx wireframe logo.

Linx Vapor are a Los Angeles based plant vaporizer manufacturer. They specialize in ultra compact concentrate, oil and e liquid vape pens that are so small they can fit in the palm of your hand. This compactness doesn’t sacrifice power for petiteness; the Hypnos plant concentrate vaporizer is a formidably powerful vaporizer that can fit into the palm of your hand.

The Hypnos Zero Wax Vaporizer is a paragon of their sleek, stainless steel design. It is one of the most discreet and dependable extract vaporizers on the market. Its ceramic heating element, this vaporizer will take your wax and concentrate vaping experience to the next level.

Linx make some of the best portable dabbing vapes on the market. Their e-nails are capable of reaching the optimal temperatures The Ares concentrate vape heating rod will vaporize your concentrate on contact, ensuring that you get a clean, easy hit every time you use it.

Linx’ vaporizers are robust and high quality, however the rigors of the life of a portable vaporizer can take their toll. Should this happen, don’t worry Linx have a range of sturdy and reliable spare components for all of their vaporizers, from atomizers, to mouth pieces, they have everything you may need to get your vape back into action.

Dabbing is a method of enjoying herb in a highly purified and concentrated form. The concentrate is produced by using a solvent, usually butane, to force the active ingredients out of herb and to coalesce into a denser and stronger form.

There are three main forms of herb concentrate defined by their purity; oil, wax ( a honey-like substance), and shatter ( the purist form of concentrate with the texture and brittleness of glass, hence the name).
To use concentrates you need either a special form of water bong or vaporizer. The intention is to vaporize the concentrate nearly immediately, allowing the user to inhale it all in one hit.

Dabs are several times stronger than the equivalent mass of dry herb, containing much more THC. This makes them perfect for medicinal users who don’t want to subject their lungs to the acrid smoke from a joint or bong. They’re also perfect for experienced herb aficionados who want to take their herb experience to the next level.

Dab pens or vapes are specialized vaporizers that eschew the convection and conduction heating elements in favor of atomizers that can reach far higher temperatures than either of these methods. Dab pens will let you enjoy a smooth, tasty concentrate experience every time, and will help cut down on the toxins released by slow burning wax.

Portable dab pens have a whole host of advantages over regular dabbing rigs. Obviously, they’re far more portable and compact. They are easier to heat and use, as they do not require the use of a dangerous butane torch and red hot nail. They are also far easier to clean, being less prone to staining and build up than the water bubbler bongs of a dabbing rig.

Wax vaporizer pens are only one of the hundreds of amazing vaporizer products we have on our webstore. As vaporizers and concentrate pen vapes become ever more popular in the herb scene they are sure to become the most sought after and common way to enjoy your herb. Don’t get left behind, make sure you pick up one of our high quality dry herb vaporizers.