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Liquid Sci Glass

Liquid Sci Glass 

Liquid Sci Glass is a scientific glass company that is based in San Diego, California and the company was originally established by the artists from the RooR glass manufacturers. Since they were established in the year 2010, Liquid Sci Glass have hit unprecedented heights in scientific glass industry with particular focus for their customer service and general interaction with their zealous fan base. From day one, Liquid Sci Glass have committed to producing the highest standard, American-made scientific glass pieces. 

Liquid Sci Glass - Features

Liquid Sci Glass is a company based on innovation and they are constantly striving to create the next big thing to come to the scientific glass industry. This company aims to maintain the highest standards possible within the industry all the while keeping the prices of their products down like Baby Bottle Oil Rig , Double Showerhead Beaker Bong so that they are affordable for everyone. Another aspect of this company which appeals to the masses is their ability to customise any piece straight to their customers specifications - we've never heard of a scientific glass company going to these lengths for their customers. 

Liquid Sci Glass truly are pushing the boundaries within the industry and what's even more impressive is that they are setting the benchmark for other companies while doing so.