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Medicali Glass


Medicali provide high quality, premium glass bongs and bubblers. Each one of their high quality pieces is crafted on site from the beginning to the end of the process; so you can be sure of the amazing quality of their pieces. Medicali are one of the most innovative bong, bubbler, and pipe makers on the herb scene.

Medicali’s innovative piece feature a range of unique and original piece featuring a host of fantastic features. For extra cooling they feature diffused downstems and percolators that help break your hit up into smaller bubbles; increasing its surface area and allowing the water to cool it more effectively. Visually Medicali pieces have a whole host of attractive embellishments and striking designs. You can choose the colors and patterns that suit you most and really personalize your bong collection.

Medicali’s range includes something for every herb fan. For bong fans they have a collection of fantastic tube and beaker bongs. For concentrate fans they have a beautiful range of oil rigs, and for the herb fan who values convenience there is their collection of fantastic glass herb pipes.

High quality bongs require the purest, most non-reactive glass. This is why Medicali endeavor to build their pieces with scientific grade glass. This means that you can be sure that your hits will be smooth and tasty with no toxins or impurities tainting your flavor.

Medicali glass hail from sunny Los Angeles and have been creating high quality glass for over a decade. California is rapidly becoming the dry herb capital of America thanks to the huge boom in the industry created by the sweeping legislative policies in the state.

Since then the state has become the locus of a huge range of high quality bong, pipe, bubbler, and dry herb vaporizer innovators.