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MJ Arsenal (or MJA for short) is hands-down one of the best producers of glassware in the US. They have taken out several patents to protect their revolutionary designs. This is because they knew that others would attempt to copy them when they realized how DOPE they are. This is a forward-thinking company that prides itself on its excessive innovation, super functionality, and crazy affordability.

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MJ Arsenal is a truly versatile company. Their prices are low enough that they can be accessed by entry-level customers. Their products are of high enough quality that the experts and aficionados still rate them. Many customers come for one product and end up checking out with 3! MJA is based out of stoner-central Denver, Colorado. They are surrounded by cannabis pioneers and enthusiasts. This is the energy that has forced them down the road of innovation and perfection.

Their brand is highly regarded and easily recognizable. Many of their products have received glowing reviews from the many thousands of people who have purchased from them. We are sure you will find a product that you love, we can’t get enough of the Martian Bubbler, which has completely revolutionized the way we hit blunts!

Why MJ Arsenal?

1. Innovative product design

The fact that MJ Arsenal has multiple patents is a testament to their obsession with innovation. These guys are inventors, not just creators. Their products don’t just look great, they work amazingly well. The clever engineers at MJ Arsenal have come up with a few inventions which really harness the flavor profiles on offer. These ensure you are getting the best taste out of your bud and the optimum smoke experience.

2. Beautiful, High-quality glassware

MJ Arsenal chooses the highest grade borosilicate glass for their bubblers, pipes, and accessories. With MJ, it becomes abundantly clear that size matters, but sometimes in reverse. A lot of their best-selling mini rigs and bubblers are smaller than you would imagine but there is a good reason for this. It makes them lighter, easier to transport and they also rip like nothing else!

3. Competitively priced 

The prices are surprising. For a company that is so focused on providing excellence, MJ Arsenal’s prices are extremely reasonable. We are not sure how they are able to keep them so low. One thing we know for sure, we certainly AREN’T complaining. 

Their mini rigs are terp-riffic!

Did you know that terpenes get degraded when they come into contact with air? Less air = More flavor. This is one of the many reasons why we are so stoked to have the privilege of stocking some of the tastiest, flavor-enhancing glass pieces you can get.

MJ Arsenal Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is MJ Arsenal based?

MJ Arsenal is based in Denver, Colorado. Denver is home to almost 3 million people and nearly all of them love to get high. Colorado, along with Washington state, was the first in line to legalize recreational marijuana back in 2012. It has a high reputation for being at the epicenter of cannabis culture.

2. Are MJ Arsenal products good?

If you google MJ Arsenal, you are met with hundreds of customer reviews. Nearly all of them are overwhelmingly positive. Why is this? This is because their products are fantastic. We love the Martian Bubbler, Claude rig and so many more.

3. How do I clean my MJ Arsenal product?

Most of MJ Arsenal’s products are either water pipes, bubblers, or mini rigs. The best way to clean these is to soak them in a mixture of 99% pure Isopropyl alcohol and rock salt for approximately 30 minutes. If you have a sandwich or freezer bag, you can soak the product in there and shake it gently to dislodge some of the residue. Don’t forget to rinse thoroughly with water when you’re done!

What makes MJ Arsenal so unique?

Probably the most unique aspect of MJ Arsenal is their product’s size. Most of their range is smaller than conventional products in their class. They make mini rigs, not rigs. They make mini bongs, not bongs. The reason? Maybe it’s because they believe that these products are meant to be this size and anything larger is excessive. We don’t know for sure. What we do know is that their products hit so hard and Everyone Loves It!

MJ Arsenal Most Popular Products - Staff Picks

Our absolute favorite MJ Arsenal product has just got to be the Infinity Mini Rig. This glass piece literally looks like a theme park ride. It provides the most incredibly pure hits which taste phenomenal. There is nothing we could say that would improve this product. 10/10 from the Everyone Does It team.

Final Thoughts on MJ Arsenal

If you are looking to get into the world of glassware and have been struggling to find the right brand to get started, you have just found it. Your journey has begun. Buy yourself a mini rig, bubbler, or bong from MJ Arsenal and start to live your life the way you have always wanted to.