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Nexus Glass - Scientific Glass Oil Rigs, Bubblers |

Nexus Glass are simply one of the hottest new glassblowing teams in the industry. Relatively new to the glassblowing scene, the Southern California-based company have repeatedly turned heads at various elusive glassblowing conventions. The promisingly talented glasswork team aim to focus on awe-inspiring, functional scientific glass designs, while keeping prices affordable.

All Nexus Glass products such as Halo Twerk PercPuck Dab RigInception Can  are constructed from the highest grade borosilicate glass which helps to ensure the longevity and durability of the product. Nexus has found a rare balance in the affordable glass range where they can continue to produce top of the range glass bongs and Oil Rigs and never have to worry about making sacrifices to the functionality of their pieces nor too the durability.