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PAX Labs Vaporizers | Maybe the best vapes ever?

PAX  Vaporizers

Founded by two Stanford design graduates, PAX labs are on the bleeding edge of dry herb vaporizer design. They build beautiful plant vaporizers packed with advanced technology that push the boundaries of vape design. They focus on creating vaporizers that are not only effective and efficient but are also stylish and straightforward to use. PAX labs have one goal in mind; to make smoking obsolete.


The PAX 2 dominated the vaporizer scene as one of the finest and best selling vapes on the market. It’s combination of an intuitive design, powerful oven, easy to interpret LED display, and fantastic vapor made it a must have for any US vaporizer aficionado.

With The PAX 2, PAX seemed to have set an unbeatable standard that no one could hope to challenge. Then they did the impossible, they raised the bar even further with the PAX 3

PAX 3 

The PAX 3 has seized the throne as one of the best vaporizers on the market. The PAX 3 has surpassed the 2 by giving more ways to enjoy your herb by giving you the option to use dry herb, oils, and waxes. You can switch from dry herb to concentrate on the fly with the innovative concentrate insert.

Power That Won’t Let You Down

The PAX vaporizers don’t keep you waiting, boasting a heat of time of 45 seconds for the PAX 2 and only 15 seconds for the PAX 3! The PAX 3 in particular boasts a powerful chamber. A chamber TWICE as powerful as the PAX 2’s. All this speed and power doesn’t come at the prices of battery life. The built-in rechargeable battery will ensure that your vaping sessions won’t be interrupted by a sudden power outage

Easy To Read

The PAX 2 and 3 both feature an intuitive multi-colored LED display that gives you exact feedback on how your unit is heating your herb. If for whatever reason you’re distracted and forget to check out on your PAX (things happen, life is busy) the PAX 3 also features a vibrating alert! So no matter how absent minded you are, you’ll never forget about your vape again! Both models feature four temperatures settings that allow you to customise your vape experience and take advantage of the different boiling points  of the active ingredients of your herb. 

Bluetooth Connectivity For Extra Precision

The PAX 3 is bluetooth compatible. This means that it can connect with a compatible app (available on both iOS and Android). The app lets you control the temperature of the device to a minute degree, it also comes with 5 different heating profiles: Standard (which is… standard), boost mode (which keeps the oven hot), efficiency mode (this one saves your herb!), flavour mode (which only heats up when you take a hit), and stealth mode (which deactivates the LEDs).


Both the PAX 2 and 3 are beautiful examples of vaporizer engineering. The PAX 2 comes in 4 colors, charcoal, topaz (blue), flare (orange), and platinum. With a transverse-brushed anodized aluminum finish it’s a slick and subtle piece of equipment.

The PAX 3 Comes in four colors; black, gold, rose gold, and silver and features a polished finish. This combined with the stylish LED display makes the PAX 3 one of the best looking portable vapes on the market.

PAX vaporizers dominate the market for a reason, they’re some of the best vapes the money can buy. Best of all should the unit fail you (unlikely) you have a 10 year warranty to fall back on! You couldn’t ask for more! For a selection of our other best selling portable vaporizers check out our webstore!