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Percolator Bongs

For any connoisseur, a percolator is a must-have for any piece of glassware. The role of a percolator is to smoothen and cool vapor while inside the glass, before inhalation. They achieve this as the intricate designs disperse and split the vapor particles that, in turn, cools them down as heat escapes. 

You’ll be delighted to know that our selection of percolator bongs caters something to all. Whether you’re new to the world of bongs and percolators or are somewhat of a seasoned professional, we have something perfect for you. 

Percolator Bongs FAQ 

Q1: What Can You Use With A Percolator Bong? 

Typically, there are two types of devices you’ll find a percolator in a bong or a dab rig. Bongs are normally for use with dry herbs, whereas dab rigs are designed to consume concentrates. 

Q2: Are Percolator Bongs Worth it? 

Percolators aren’t essential to the function of a bong or rig, but they’ll sure do improve the experience. Percolator bongs and rigs may be more expensive, but the increase in vapor quality is more than worth it for any connoisseur.

Q3: What’s The Best Type Of Percolator? 

Percolators come in all shapes and sizes. Each works in its own way to diffuse the vapor particles, making them smooth and cool to inhale. Often this lies down to the preference of the user as well as the experience provided by an individual piece of hardware. 

Different Types Of Percolator Bongs

So here’s a breakdown of the different types of percolator you’re likely to come across. Each of the different types of percolator serves the same purpose, however will be intricately designed differently. Within our catalog, you’ll find all the different types of percolator bongs, perfect for delivering flawless sessions to you over and over again. Here are the different types: 

  • Tree Perc
  • Honeycomb Perc
  • UFO Perc
  • Spiral Perc
  • Drum Perc
  • Shower Perc

Why Are Percolator Bongs Still Popular?

Over time our understanding of percolators and their function has both increased and improved. Today, we’re blessed with an abundance of beautifully functional and aesthetic percolator bongs and rigs. Any aficionado will tell you that once you’ve used a perc bong, there’s no going back. Percolators only improve the function of a piece of glassware, meaning they’re a must-have for users striving for a truly flawless experience. 

How to Select the Perfect Percolator Bong For You?

To begin with, you’ll need to decide what material you use most frequently, buying either a bong or rig to accommodate this. Bongs will tend to be for use with dry herbs and rigs with concentrates, however, some units will boast dual compatibility so keep an eye out for this. 

It’s our job to make your life easier and, luckily, it’s our favorite thing to do. Once you’ve concluded whether a bong or rig is most suited to you, it’s time to shift focus onto the material of the unit. Most standardly, rigs and bongs with percolators will either be created using glass or silicone.

Each has its pros and cons, so it’ll depend on your preference. 

Glass models are often more aesthetically pleasing and offer better cooling of the vapor before you inhale. In comparison, silicone models provide much more portable and risk-free options for those who prefer using their bong on the go. 

How To Use A Percolator Bong?

So let’s get into the ins and outs of how a percolator bong works, how to operate one, and how to keep it clean. These are some tips and tricks for users to apply to the newest addition to their collection. 

How Does A Percolator Bong Work?

A percolator will typically sit within the main body of a bong. It sits partially submerged in water that bubbles as you inhale, filtering the vapor through the water for cooling. The more the water is bubbled, the greater the effect of the filtration and cooling. While the smoke is broken up by the percolator, it’s forced to disperse, increasing the surface area, thus cooling it further. 

How To Operate A Percolator Bong?

The first thing to do is ensure the bong is filled with enough water to partially submerge the percolator inside the unit. Now, prepare your material and place it within the chamber before packing it down to begin the session. 

Light the dry herbs in the bowl while inhaling to produce the vapor that’ll filter through the water and percolator. Once the bong is filled with smoke, release the air hole or lift the bowl to inhale the hit. 

How To Clean A Percolator Bong?

Cleaning and maintenance are crucial to the performance of a percolator bong. For starters, you’ll want to thoroughly clean the bowl after each session. That’ll help avoid any residue combusting and disrupting the flavor during a future session. To do this, use isopropyl soaked cleaning swabs to wipe away any leftover residue. 

Equally, you’ll want to frequently change the water too, just to keep the flavor of your vapor the best it could be. 

Bongs Parts & Accessories Guide

Percolator bongs, on the whole, are made of 2 main parts. The main body of the bong with the percolator fitted inside, and the chamber. Bongs will either have a female or male joint, to which a chamber of the opposite sex will attach. These are available as spare parts for users to buy should they need a replacement or spare. 

Pros and Cons of Percolator Bongs

Pros of Percolator Bongs

Cons of Percolator Bongs

Superior Vapor Quality

Too Many Percs Can Be Hard To Inhale

Intense Hits

Percolators Take Intricate Cleaning

Less Wastage Than Smoking

Hard To Conceal and Travel With

Cooler Smoke Less Harmful

Who Are Percolator Bongs For?

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of bongs or a veteran in the game, a percolator bong is a perfect choice for anyone. They’re available in all shapes, sizes, materials, and designs so finding the best one for you will be a walk in the park. 

Perc bongs offer unrivaled vapor quality compared to their non-perc counterparts, so they’ll be the go-to for any specialists out there.