PieceMaker is a unique water pipe brand that specializes nearly entirely in silicone bongs, bubblers, and pipes. These bongs are truly unique in appearance, capable of being produced, and built in shapes and finishes that are impossible for glassware. On top of this, these bongs are nearly indestructible, capable of absorbing shocks and drops that would destroy glass bongs. 

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Their silicone bong designs are even more unique in their design than other brands. They have unique pipe, bongs, and bubbler designs that will take pride of place in any collection. They also have a range of replacement parts and aftermarket updates 

Why PieceMaker?

Silicone bongs are a unique way to enjoy dry herbs and concentrates. They allow users to experience incredible sessions safe in the knowledge that their bongs can stand up to nearly anything. On top of this, silicone can be made in an incredible variety of colors and shapes, making it a truly incredible material for those who want a truly unique piece. 

Many PieceMaker bongs and bubblers come with unique hex tek downstems which have a series of hexagonal apertures in them. These break up your hits into a flurry of smaller bubbles which increases your overall level of cooling. 

PieceMaker Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Avoid Heat Damage on My PieceMaker Bongs?

The food-safe silicone of PieceMaker bongs is a fantastic way to enjoy dry herbs and concentrates. Their bongs are heat resistant, but some extra high temperatures could damage them. To preserve your bong keep it away from temperatures above 500F

How Do I Clean my PieceMaker Bong?

Piecemaker bongs are easy to clean and maintain. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to break up and dissolve any built-up grime inside the bong or around the bowl. Hot water can also be used to rinse it out. Ensure that you allow the bong to fully dry before you use it again. 

What is a PieceMaker Hex Tek Downstem

Rather than using any glass percolators or vented downstems. PieceMaker bongs instead often use a specially molded downstem that is studded with small, individual openings that work exactly like vented downstems. 

PieceMaker Most Popular Products - Staff Picks

PieceMaker Kube - Oil Rig - Assorted Colors

The Kube is PieceMaker's high-quality dab rig bubbler. It was one of the first silicone dab bubblers ever created. Its body is made out of high quality, heat resistant silicone making it perfect for a dab rig while being shatter resistant and coming in a range of striking and incredible colors and finishes. It features a quartz bucket and unique L shaped down stem for consuming concentrates. Its removable stainless steel base offers insulation and stability. Finally, it comes with a handy dabbing tool that fits into a special notch on the top of the bubbler. 

PieceMaker Kahuna Silicone Water Pipe - Assorted Colors

The Kahuna is a truly BIG bong. It stands at nearly 22 inches tall, a truly massive bong for some truly massive hits. It is made out of durable, heat-resistant silicone that means it can more than support its weight and can survive nearly anything you throw at it. Its stability is further increased by its base, which can be removed for storage and easy maintenance. The PieceMaker hex tex downstem ensures smooth and well-cooled hits. 

PieceMaker Kermit Silicone Water Pipe 12" - Assorted Colors

The Kermit is a smaller bong, though not that small. It stands at 12" tall and features a unique pistol grip design. This makes it incredibly easy to handle while in use and features a trigger-action carb that lets you easily adjust the power of your hit with your index finger. Its food-grade silicone ensures that it is incredibly resilient. Its overall resilience is increased by the fact that the Kermit features a silicone downstem and stainless steel bowl, which are practically indestructible 

PieceMaker Konjurer Long Hand Pipe - Assorted Colors

This incredible pipe has influences from the classic Sherlock design and Gandalf’s pipe from the Lord of The Rings. This incredible silicone pipe has a long stem that is super-resilient thanks to its material design. It features a stainless steel bowl and comes in a range of stunning and stylish colors.

Final Thoughts on PieceMaker

Not too long ago silicone bongs were thought of as a major revolution in bong design all by themselves. These days silicone bongs are a respected and accepted part of the bong scene. The genius of PieceMaker is the way their unique designs have reawoken the innovation of this type of bong. Their products push the boundaries of the bong scene and allow users to get the very best out of their herb with their silicone bongs, bubblers, and pipes.