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Genius Pipe

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Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe

Welcome to the water-less filtration revolution that is the Genius Pipe! The innovative Genius Pipe is a fresh take on a smoking classic, some would say this is a modern masterpiece. By utilizing well-known dimple technology, this pipe has superior cooling and filtering capabilities. The Genius Pipe has a simplistic three-piece design makes travel a really good time, allowing you to pre-pack a bowl and slide the cover on before going out allowing you to toke on the go, wherever whenever.

Genius Pipe Stats & Technical Info

Vaporize Dried Herbs
Storage capacity Not informed by the manufacturer 
Temperature Levels Not informed by the manufacturer
Initial heating Instant
Heating system Combustion
Heating coating material Inodized aluminum
External coating material Inodized aluminum
Battery capacity No battery
Charging time No battery
Compatible chargers No battery
Compatible smartphones No
Other functions Waterless filtration with ripple technology
Genius Dimenisons Not informed by the manufacturer 
Genius Weight 180 grams
Warranty Not informed by the manufacturer

Genius Pipe - Features

   - No Coughing – Guaranteed
   - Easy to Clean Magnetic Design
   - Pocket Sized and Portable
   - Filters Out 95% of All Tar and Resin
   - Comes with Genius sliding cover and TruTaste Screen
   - Various Colors Available – See Dropdown
   - 6 Inch Length
   - Made in USA

Genius Pipe – Design

Genius Pipe

When you lift the Genius Pipe out of the box you will notice that the pipe is quite heavy. The pipe can be split into three parts, the two main parts are made from Inonized aluminum and are held together with very strong magnets.

Then the top piece is an aluminum slider that goes up and down the pipe, this slider allows you to cover up the chamber when you’re not using the pipe, it also allows you to keep a packed bowl for on the go. While vaping the dried herbs the vapors go through dimple technology (golf ball texture), the dimple technology is meant to cool down the vapor before you inhale it. The dimple technology also filters out 95% of tar and resin from each drag. It is 6 inches in length and is very easy to put in your pocket or throw it into your book or purse.

Having the dimple technology in the middle of the pipe it makes cleaning it so easy, all you have to do is get a piece of kitchen roll and rub-down the pipe. If you want to go one step further you dab the kitchen roll into alcohol and then rub down the pipe, this will give the pipe a better clean. Not only does this pipe come in one standard color like most pipes, but there is also a very colorful range of pipes to choose from.

Genius Pipe – Heating and Temperature

The Genius Pipe is a combustion pipe so like any other combustion pipe, fill up the bowl, light the bowl and take a drag. The pipe allows you to inhale nice cool smoke and this is because of the dimple technology.

Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe – Features

The Genius Pipe’s waterless method of filtration is by far the cleanest you could find, with its simple three-piece design and magnetic hold its so easy to maintain and clean, gently pull the two pieces apart and wipe them down with some cleaning solution and a cloth, this will allow you to enjoy more clean hits.

Dimple Technology

Genius Pipe

From military supersonic jets to gaming computers, and even food storage – dimple technology is used in a wide array of products and it's only the best of the best for the Genius Pipe. It was only a matter of time before they found a way to smoke with it! In terms of smoking with the dimple technology, it makes the smoke travel through hundreds and thousands of indents, this method cleans the smoke that’s being inhaled and it filters out any unwanted tar and resin, and for a combustion system, this is fantastic.

PLEASE NOTE: Beware Of Fakes

All our stock is genuine and sourced directly from Genius. Be aware of other online sellers who may be selling counterfeit products. We will beat any US competitor's price on a genuine Genius Pipe.

Note: All our Genius pipes come supplied with the silver evolution slider.

Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe

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