Pollen Catchers

Pollen catchers or kief catchers aren't the most commonly known of cannabis-apparatus. So what are they? A pollen catcher is a part of the grinder used for catching the dust-like substance that results from grinding dry herb. This substance is kief/pollen. It might seem like less than nothing to the ordinary consumer, but it is incredibly potent and well worth collecting in a catcher of some sort. Don't miss out on a truly potent session and consider investing in a pollen catcher today

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Herb grinders come in configurations of 2 part, 3 part, 4 part grinders. The 2 part grinders are pretty standard but with a heavy-duty 3 part grinder, we start getting into the territory of pollen catchers. Sometimes these are called ash catchers, too. These little chambers catch the falling dust-like substance which can be kept for later use. 

We have arranged a marvellous selection of 4 piece grinders with pollen catchers, for all the smoking connoisseurs out there. These well crafted and easy-to-use grinders separate the pollen from the rest of the dry product by placing them into the base of the grinder. This allows the more experienced user to build up the plant material and use for other means. Well known grinder manufacturers like Cali Crusher and Santa Cruz are continuing to make it effortless to grind your chosen dry products to a great consistency.