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Pax 3 Vaporizer
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Who Should Buy Pax 3? The Pax 3 has been the must have vaporizer for a very long time. It combines incredible performance, style, and amazing build quality into one fantastic package. This vaporizer is a joy to use and...

82 reviews
Mighty Vaporizer
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Who should buy the Mighty Vaporizer? The Storz and Bickel Mighty vaporizer is one hell of a beast. While it’s one of the larger portable options on the market, it’s still perfectly portable. And what’s more, it’s one of the...

123 reviews
Pax 2 Vaporizer
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Who Should Buy the PAX 2? The PAX 2 is the ideal vaporizer for both beginner vapers and vaporizer scene veterans. No matter what your level of experience is, the Pax has a place in your arsenal. It makes the...

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Storz & Bickel Crafty+ Vaporizer with USB-C Cable
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Who Should Buy The Crafty+? The Crafty Plus is far from a beginner vape. Its price tag and the relative amount of vape experience needed to get the most out of it make it ideal for vape enthusiasts. Those with...

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Hydrology 9 Liquid Filtration Vaporizer
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Who Should Buy the Hydrology 9 Vaporizer? Say what you will about the Hydrology 9 - it sure knows how to make an entrance. You are pretty unlikely to see a vaporizer quite like this on the market. Futuristic, sleek,...

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Plenty Vaporizer
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Who Should Buy The Storz & Bickel Plenty? The Plenty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is a unique and powerful vaporizer that would have pride of place in any vape aficionado's collection. This is the perfect device for those who...

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Firefly 2+ Vaporizer
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Who Should Buy The Firefly 2+? The Firefly 2 Plus is the perfect portable vaporizer for beginners and intermediate users alike. It offers straightforward operation, intuitive controls, and simple maintenance, as well as a host of fantastic quality of life...

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Who Should Buy The DaVinci Miqro? The DaVinci Miqro is the perfect portable vaporizer for anyone who loves vaping dry herb on the go. Its design is compact yet powerful and looks discreet and stylish enough to use while you’re...

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DaVinci IQ2
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Who Should Buy The DaVinci IQ2?  If you consider yourself a discerning vaper, a true aficionado who demands the finer things out there, then the DaVinci vaporizer IQ2 is a must. There are few vaporizers on the market that so...

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Yocan Evolve Vaporizer Pen
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Yocan Evolve Vaporizer Yocan has developed one of the best portable vape pens for concentrates we've seen in some time. Each stage of the vaporizer has been given careful thought to bring you a pleasurable vaping experience. Its slimline design makes...

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Boundless CFX Vaporizer
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Who Should Buy Boundless CFX? Do you want as few barriers between you and a great vape experience as possible? Then the Boundless CFX is a must.  This vape is designed to provide you with an incredible vape experience, but...

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Pulsar Hand E-Nail V3
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Who Should Buy Pulsar Hand E-Nail V3? The Pulsar Hand E-Nail V3 is a part of the incredible wave of e rigs that is sweeping the concentrate scene. If you've always wanted to enjoy the power of a dab rig with the precision...


Portable vaporizers have become the most popular method of consumption for the connoisseurs of today. Vaping allows consumers to experience the best possible flavor of their material, without the negative health benefits associated with consumption. For years this was restricted to at-home usage, however, the introduction of portable vaporizers changed consumption forever. 

What we’re faced with now is a market flooded with options to choose from. With all of them essentially serving the same purpose, with similar functions, it’s difficult to know what’s best for you. It’s our job to help you make that decision. Our catalog of portable vaporizers caters to all with various types suited to different preferences. 

Portable Vaporizers FAQ 

Q1: What Can You Use With Portable Vaporizers? 

Our selection of portable vaporizers contains something for all. Whether your preferred material is dry herbs, concentrates, or even 510-thread oil cartridges we’ve got the perfect vape for you. 

Each category of portable vaporizers will have products across a full spectrum of prices, accommodating all budgets. 

Q2: Are Portable Vaporizers Good Value For Money? 

As with all things, portable vaporizers come in all shapes, sizes, and most importantly, prices. If you’re a newcomer to the world of vaping, searching for an entry-level device to get you started, we’ve got plenty of budget-friendly options for you. 

Equally, you may be a veteran in the vape game needing a high-end luxury unit for your collection. If so, you’ll find your latest showpiece with no issues. 

Q3: Do Portable Vaporizers Have Adjustable Temperature Settings? 

Yes, some portable vaporizers do have adjustable temperature settings. Some will even boast a smartphone app for advanced temperature control of the device, too. 

Q4: How Big Are Portable Vaporizers? 

Whether completely handheld or slightly on the larger side, they come in all sizes. 510-thread cartridges tend to be the most portable, with dab pens and dry herb vapes following on closely, and e-rigs thereafter. 

Different Types Of Portable Vaporizers

So let’s take a look at the different types of portable vaporizers. We’ve categorized them by the material they’re compatible with, providing a brief description of each. 

1. For Dry Herbs

Some portable vaporizers will be designed specifically for use with dry herbs. These often function by the dry herbs being heated and vaporizers within the oven of the vape. The vapor then travels toward the mouthpiece to be inhaled. 

2. For Concentrates

Similar to dry herb vapes, concentrate vapes or dab pens function similarly. They’ll feature an atomizer to place the concentrates, which is then heated to vaporize it. 

Some devices will have dual compatibility, meaning they’ll work with both dry herbs and concentrates. Bear in mind, though, these tend to be the slightly more expensive models. 

3. For Oils

With oils growing in popularity, there’s been a subsequent surge in the popularity of 510-threat vaporizers. Their convenience and potency are unrivaled, and they often have the most portable designs too. 

Why Are Portable Vaporizers Still Popular?

There’s no wonder why portable vapes have proven so popular in recent years. They provide a stealthier, healthier, and more convenient way of consuming both dry herbs and concentrates. 

Vaping, as a process, produces far less smell than traditional methods that involve combusting the material. This makes it easier to consume on the go and eliminates the fear of smelling afterward, too. In addition to this, although the long-term effects of vaping are still somewhat unknown, it’s still deemed a much healthier way to consume. 

How to Select the Perfect Portable Vaporizer For You?

So here’s how you can evaluate whether or not a portable vaporizer is suited to you or not. We’ve broken the thought process down to 4 main criteria, after which you’re sure to be more informed to make a decision. 

1. Price

No matter what your budget is, you’ll have no issues finding a portable vaporizer. Thanks to the advancements in technology, it’s becoming cheaper for brands to manufacture portable vaporizers with some exceptional models retailing for super affordable prices. 

2. Compatibility

You’ll need to decide on a portable vaporizer that supports the material of your choice. Whether it’s concentrates or dry herbs, there’s an abundance of options for both. 

3. Size

So, if you’re looking for a portable vape you need something to support your on-the-go sessions. But how small exactly would you like the unit to be. Portable vaporizers tend to be either pocket-sized or small enough to fit in a carrying bag so you’ll have the choice of either. 

4. Design

Aesthetics aren’t everything, but they sure do go a long way. Luckily, there are no two portable vaporizers the same. Each will boast its unique design making it easy to find the one best suited to you. 

How To Use Portable Vaporizers?

Now we can get into how portable vaporizers operate, and how you can keep your vape optimized at all times. 

How Do Portable Vaporizers Work?

Portable vaporizers function similarly to their desktop counterparts. The difference is the heat source. Traditional desktop vapes are electrically powered, whereas portable models are most commonly battery powered. 

The battery powers the heating of the chamber or atomizer that, in turn, heats the dry herb or concentrate inside. 

How To Operate Portable Vaporizers?

Most portable vapes will have a power button to turn the device on and off. Often it’ll either have an auto-draw feature that allows you to inhale freely. Other models will use the same power button to manually heat the device, requiring pressure to inhale the vapor. 

How To Clean Portable Vaporizers?

It’s worth knowing that if you’re investing money in a portable vape, you’ll need to invest your time in maintaining it equally. It’s recommended to keep the mouthpiece and chamber clean of all residue from a previous session before beginning the next. 

Each vaporizer will have its cleaning procedure that’ll be clearly stated within the description. 

Portable Vaporizers Parts & Accessories Guide

Atomizers & Chambers

Particularly for heavy users, extended use of your portable vaporizer can lead to the atomizer becoming worn out. While cleaning and maintenance can help prolong this, it’s somewhat inevitable. To solve this, most models will have the atomizer available to purchase as a spare part. 


Equally, over time, the mouthpiece of any vaporizer can become grotty due to residue build-up or discoloring. In these instances, they’re often available as spare parts. Some models will even have alternative material mouthpieces available as spare parts too, meaning you can change it should the standard one not work for you. 


Screens are what prevent any material from the chamber to enter the airflow of your vaporizer. It’s thanks to the screen that you won’t inhale any material from the chamber in your vapor. Instead, the screen catches it. This means you’ll need to clean the screen from time to time or replace it after an extended period. 


The majority of portable vaporizers will charge using a micro USB cable. While this is convenient due to their small size, they can be easy to misplace. For this reason, they’ll be available to purchase as a spare part. 

Pros and Cons of Portable Vaporizers 

Pros Of Portable Vaporizers

Cons Of Portable Vaporizers

Portable designs

They run out of battery


Cheaper models can lack quality


Not as powerful as desktop vaporizers

Mostly cheaper than desktop models

Some have smartphone apps

Who Are Portable Vaporizers For?

For anyone looking to escape traditional methods of smoking, vaping is perfect for you. It provides the same sensation, with much greater stealth and discretion. Not to mention the benefits of avoiding combustion, too. 

Enjoy your experience without limits with a portable vaporizer. It won’t restrict you to sessions at home. Instead, it’ll follow you wherever you go, ready to go whenever you need.