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Puffco - A Quick Intro 

In 2013, Puffco hit the concentrate vape scene and changed it forever. They saw a demand for a premium quality dab vape, but found that all the competition had to offer were low-quality vape pens. They made it their mission to deliver incredible, efficient, luxury vaporizers that raised the bar for an entire vape niche.

Puffco doesn’t rest on their laurels, they are in a constant state of reinvention and improvement. It seems that an award ceremony isn't complete without a Puffco device in the lineup, and they have amassed a legion of vocal and dedicated fans. With each release, this fanbase only grows. 

If you are serious about concentrate on vaping and want to get the very most out of your material of choice, look no further than a Puffco vape, it's sure to earn pride of place in your collection. 

Why Puffco?

The question 'Why' is easily answered by looking at Puffco's flagship vaporizers: The Peak line. 

These incredible vaporizers will revolutionize the way you enjoy concentrates, offering a fusion of innovation and attention to detail, and user demand. 

All Peak vaporizers use a combination of convection heating, ceramic elements, and water cooling to help deliver the most authentic, potent, and smooth concentrates in the entire vape scene. If you want to enjoy your concentrates to the fullest, then look no further. 

Puffco clearly put a special emphasis on their aesthetics. All of their vaporizers feature an understated, sleek design. At the same time, they aren't afraid to make a statement, a fact that can be seen with the striking glass beaker on the Puffco Peak. Of course, we can't forget the LEDs they use to make the Peak vaporizer truly stand out from the crowd with incredibly stylish illumination.

User-friendly controls are a big Puffco priority. They want their users to have as few barriers between them and their concentrated vape experience as possible. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you're sure to get the hang of a Puffco vaporizer fast!

Puffco Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the Puffco Peak Pro worth its price tag?

The Peak Pro is, without a doubt, a premium quality vaporizer and that means that it comes with a premium price tag. For the cost of admission, however, users get to enjoy one of the best ways to enjoy concentrates that is currently available. It offers incredible heating, potent vapor, and buttery smooth cooling. The Peak Pro is the future of concentrate vaping and it is without a doubt worth the investment.

Q2: Can the Puffco Peak be used with dry herbs?

The Puffco Peak, and all Puffco vapes, are only compatible with concentrates. Their heating systems aren't compatible with dry herb or any botanics. 

Q3: Can the Puffco Peak Pro be charged wirelessly?

Yes, however, this requires the addition of a specialized accessory. This will also unlock the device's 'Ready' mode. 

Q4: Where are Puffco based?

Puffco is based in Brooklyn, New York City, USA. 

Puffco Most Popular Products - Staff Picks

Puffco Peak

puffco peak

The Peak is Puffco's flagship product and its true claim to fame. It is an incredible concentrate vape that allows even beginners to enjoy the sort of vapor quality that was once only available to dab rig aficionados. All of this with no combustion and precise control. Every part of the peak is designed to allow users to enjoy getting the very most out of their concentrate of choice while still providing palatable hits thanks to its water cooling. 

The Peak vaporizer measures in at a comfortable seven inches tall. This makes it perfect for solo use on a big night in or for sharing with friends on a big night out. At the same time, it remains more wieldy and easy to transport than many butane torch heated dab rigs. 

There's no missing the Peak's most prominent feature, its huge glass cone. This is so much more than just a fashion statement, it also contains a water reservoir that is capable of providing a shocking level of water cooling. The hits from the Peak are super potent and extremely smooth. 

The Peak features a very powerful ceramic heating system. This is essential as to enjoy concentrates you need a device that can get very hot very quickly. The ceramic ensures that this heat is applied evenly across the surface area of your material of choice. 

Puffco Plus

puffco plus

The Plus was one of the earlier offerings from Puffco, and the fact that it is still around to this day is evidence of its power and reliable design. It allows users to enjoy concentrates wherever they want, whenever they want, and without the need for a bulky dab rig. It is designed to be sued with both oil and wax type concentrates

Like many vapes of its type, the Plus features a sleek and subtle design that is perfect for everyday carry. It is by far the most compact Puffco vape, many times smaller than the hefty-by-comparison Peak vapes. It is only a few inches long, small enough to fit in any pocket or bag. Best of all, its understated black finish won't draw any unwanted attention. 

The Plus uses a coil-free chamber to heat concentrates. This is a big departure from the usual atomizer-driven vape pen systems, but it has many advantages. The first is that it offers a far more consistent level of vapor quality, ensuring that every vape hit will be as good as the last. On top of this, users won't be forced to replace burnt-out atomizers every few uses. One of the best features of the Plus is the unique sesh mode. This triggers 12 seconds of uninterrupted heating, this makes it perfect for sharing, or simply enjoying truly impressive rips!

The Plus is a great device for both newcomers and aficionados alike. Offering simple controls, reliable operation, and ease of use, as well as high-quality results and some truly incredible vapor. 

Puffco Peak Pro

puffco peak pro

The Peak was a revolution, and the Peak Pro is the next big step. Puffco is always striving for perfection, and the Peak Pro is how they found a way to improve on what was already the best that money could buy. 

The Peak Pro is an improvement in every aspect of the Peak. One of the first things you'll notice is that its cone is now taller and more ergonomically shaped. This is more comfortable to use and also offers an increased level of vapor cooling. Best of all, the Pro is still compatible with all after-market cones that work with the original Peak

A less obvious, but no less important change is the new carb cap. It now features a transparent heating chamber cover, allowing users to see into the heating chamber and see how well their concentrates are bubbling and vaporizing. This allows users to quickly get a feel for how their materials are heated and get even better results over time. 

Other additions include an improved battery that is now USB-C compatible 

Puffco Vision Plus

The Vision Plus is to the Plus as the Peak Pro is to the Peak: it is an improvement and update that focuses on quality of life as well as aesthetics.

Unlike the Plus, the Vision Plus features an eye-catching and striking finish. This is a holographic, chromatic, and metallic finish that makes this device a real fashion statement. Don't worry, the Vision is so much more than just a pretty face. 

Its internals have been revamped and tweaked, featuring a ceramic coil-free atomizer and an innovative mouthpiece that features a built-in loading tool and splash guard that keeps the airpath free of any contaminants. 

Selecting your temperature is simple, all you have to do is use the main button on the face of the device and keep an eye on the LED display. The battery has a stunningly fast charge time of only 45 minutes and offers three hours of continuous use. 

Final Thoughts on Puffco

Puffco is the big name in the concentrate vape industry for a reason. Their incredible vapes are consistently raising the bar with each release, and they offer some truly amazing levels of potency and flavor. It's clear that all of their awards were well and truly earned. Their vaporizers are distinctive visually, but anyone who has used one can tell you that they are so much more distinctive to use.