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Puffit Vaporizers | Vapes that look like inhalers

Puffit Vaporizers take medication to a new level. These little inhalers ensure even dosing and top levels of discretion. There have been several of these inhaler looking vapes popping up but these are by far the best.

The Puffit 2 portable vaporizer has the appearance of an asthma vaporizer. However disguised within this is a compact and reliable portable conduction vape. For those who want a more versatile vape puffit provide an e-liquid insert that will allow you to use it much like an e-cigarette.

Herb has a massive range of medicinal uses and more and more countries are decriminalizing it for medical use. Herb contains a whole range of chemicals that can be used to treat a massive range of illnesses and symptoms, and more and more voices are calling for across the board legalization of it for medical purposes.

Medicinal herb has a whole host of advantages including decreased reliance on more harmful drugs such as opioids. Some studies suggest that medicinal herb legalization is associated with decreased prescription opioid painkiller use. This is overwhelmingly positive as opioid use can lead to addiction, overdose, and death.

The active chemicals in herb are called cannabinoids. They are chemicals related to THC, the main ‘high’ causing ingredient. Herb contains more than 100 cannabinoids, some of which are able to be synthesized in a laboratory. The human body also produces a certain amount to cannabinoids naturally. These chemicals have a role in regulating pleasure, memory, thought, concentration, body movement, awareness of time, appetite, pain, and sensory input.

The main cannabinoids that are of medical interest are THC and CBD. THC is the most well known of all the active ingredients in dry herb, it can be used to increase appetite and reduce nausea as well as reduce pain and swelling. CBD on the other hand is useful in treating pain, controlling seizures and comes with the added benefit of having no euphoric effects. This means that CBD doesn’t cause a high in its users.

Recent studies conducted on animals have shown that herb extracts are capable of killing certain cancer cells and sending others into remission. This treatment has been shown to work on a whole host of different cancer cells including brain tumors. THC and CBD used in conjunction with radiation were shown to augment the cancer-killing effects of the radiation treatment.

Studies are currently being undertaken in a range of studies to ascertain the effects of herb and herb extracts on other conditions and their symptoms. Conditions such as immune system deficiencies including HIV and AIDS, MS, and other muscle wasting conditions. Treatments for inflammation, pain, seizure, and substance use disorders as well as some mental disorders are being investigated too.

Vaporizers are by far the most healthy way to take herb medicinally. Unlike bongs, pipes, or joints, vaporizers do not release any carcinogens, toxins or tars. This is because it does not use combustion at all, it instead uses heating elements to gradually heat up and evaporate the active ingredients in herb into a vapor you can inhale. There are two main methods of vaporization; combustion and conduction. Conduction is the most common method of vaporization and is also the fastest to reach vaping temperature. It puts the herb in direct contact with the heating element. Convection gradually heats the herb by blowing hot air across of it, much in the same way as a fan oven works.

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