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PURR Glass | Fantastic Hammers, Spoon pipes and more

Founder Chad Zindroksi started Purr Glass back in 2003 when he was dissatisfied with the glass selection available to himself and the general population. It was at this time that Chad decided to create the first scientific hammer water pipe. Since this humble beginning, Purr Glass has grown in the glasswork industry by leaps and bounds.

Based in Chatsworth, California, Chad and his team have since gone on to produce a number of game-changing, innovative designs. These scientific designs include the upright sherlock, double chamber and the ‘Pocket’ piece. Over the years, these designs have become ever present in the glasswork industry.

Initially focusing on just the California customer base, Purr Glass has expanded significantly and now appear regularly at national trade shows. Their glass catalogue features a great collection of percolator bongs, pipes and oil rigs.

Committed to improving the lives of their customers, the company have also recently released a line of oil rigs kits which includes essential dabbing tools and a well-crafted apothecary stand. Possessing every item one would need to start dabbing, these comprehensive kits prove that Purr Glass remain one step ahead of the game.

We stock all top rated products from Purr Glass such as 14mm Nano Matrix Tube, Pocket Hammer Bubbler & Classic Glass Spoon Pipe etc. Order now & avail our famous price match guarantee!

They also have a range of glass rolling tips. These glass rolling tips are meant to replace the roach of your joint and serve as a type of micro pipe. You simply roll your papers around them and enjoy your joint as per usual. For those who prefer a smaller roll there is a line of smaller glass rolling tips!

Over all their range of glass is intended to do one thing and one thing only; cool your hit and give you the smoothest smoking experience possible. Their bongs do this with the simple addition of a reservoir of cooling water into the process. With a bong, every time you take a hit your smoke is pulled through the reservoir in the form of bubbles. The water cools theses bubbles and delivers a cool, easy hit.

The hit can be further cooled in several ways, one method is to use a percolator to break up the hit into smaller bubbles. The smaller bubbles actually increase the surface area of the hit which helps the water cool it further. Another method is to use an ice pinch, this holds ice in the neck of the bong. When the hit flows over the ice it is cooled even more!

You don’t need to worry about your hits potency being diluted by the water, tests have shown that only a tiny amount of the THC from your hit will be caught in the water. On the flip side you shouldn’t expect your water to filter your water that much. While it does indeed capture some of the airborne particles of ash and un burnt herb, it doesn’t actually filter out the majority of the tar and carcinogens.

A good glass bong or dab rig isn’t just an apparatus for cooling your hit, it is also a aesthetically pleasing object in its own right! A high quality bong is as beautiful and worthy as any vase or other piece of glassware. A mastercrafted piece of glass, blown by experts is one of the finest thing you could own! Owning a bong is owning a lovingly handcrafted piece of art. It’s just that this art also has a function!

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