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Quintessential - Chlorine Free Skins And Tips |

Quintessential were founded as a family business that was founded over 25 years ago in Cornwall, UK. The founders had left South Africa in 1987 to seek a new life far from the horrors of the apartheid regime. With little in the way of resources and strangers in their new country the challenges they faced in the UK were imposing. After years and years of hard work and perseverance, many ups and downs; Quintessential is now an internationally renown brand.

Though far from the investors of the smoking tip they have innovated by becoming the first company in the world to produce clean, chlorine and bleach free papers. Quintessential started out producing papers and filters with recycled paper, but soon moved onto using ethically and sustainably sourced paper stock. They also ensure that any ink used in the production of their production is non-harmful vegetable inks.

Their original line of hemp papers were wildly popular and of high quality, but due to their location within the UK Quintessential sometimes faced difficulties obtaining the requisite amount of hemp needed to produce their papers. They used ingenuity to overcome this issue; developing a process that allowed them to coat their quality paper with hemp oil. Though this started out as a temporary stop-gap these papers proved to be incredibly popular and they ended up adopting them into their product line permanently! Today the hemp oil coated skins and tips remain one of their most popular products!

Their early forays into chlorine free papers drew some mockery from competitors, but today chlorine free papers are practically the norm for rolling papers. Quintessential stock a massive range of chlorine free papers  and rolling tips like their Holy Rollers rolling papers, the Maxi Pack of chemical free filter tips, the chlorine free smoking tips single book, and the chlorine free little book.

Quintessential have always focused on fantastic service and premium quality. Their hand finished tips hold a place of renown in the UK herb scene. They also hold themselves to a high ethical standard sourcing only fair trade materials and holding that philosophy in every facet of their business. They take 'personal responsibility' seriously as a linchpin of freedom. This thought  encompasses all of their day to day business practices. This approach has won them many friends and admirers in the herb scene!

Quintessential are, unsurprisingly, vocal proponents of cannabis legalization in the UK. They have teamed up with prominent advocacy groups and activists and work tirelessly towards achieving their goal. Quintessential aim for full, unfettered legalization of cannabis and research into its medicinal uses.

Quintessential see hemp as the single most important crop on the planet. It has a massive rang of uses, including paper, food, clothing, medicine,concrete, beauty products, fuel and much much more. It is one of the fastest growing and ecologically friendly crops available to the human race and has been shown to actually have a net benefit for the ecosystem it’s grown in. For example, hemp grown in the Chernobyl exclusion zone has been shown to effectively cleanse the environment by absorbing the harmful materials present in the soil.

Rolling papers are one of the most popular methods of enjoying herb. Millions of people worldwide enjoy their herb this way every day and their ranks are only growing. Quality papers are a must and can make a world of difference to your smoking experience; offering an easy roll and a smooth burn. Rolling is a classic for a reason, after all!

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