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Recyclers - Glass Bongs, Bubblers, Oil Rigs

A range of bongs, bubblers and oil rigs featuring innovative recycler chambers in their design. Recycler rigs are equipped with multiple chambers. As you hit a recycler bubbler, the suction causes water to bubble up and flow into the additional chambers, effectively cooling and filtering the smoke or vapour at multiple points on its way to the mouthpiece. As water reaches the top chamber, recycler rigs dump water back down into the bottom chamber where the cycle begins again. Recycler bubblers are enjoying a huge surge in popularity of late: the style lends itself well to small, dedicated oil rigs. The spectacular bubbling action and spinning vortex effects that can be achieved with a recycler rig not only filter smoke very efficiently, but look way cool to boot. Here at EDIT, you’ll discover stunning recyclers such as Double Recycler Bong by Roor Tech, Micro Bell Recycler Bubbler by Grace Glass, Baby Orbit Recycler Oil Rig by Hitman, Honeycomb Perc Recycler Rig by Gravity Hill and many more.