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Shine Rolling Papers | It is time to roll Gold

Shine Rolling Papers - EveryoneDoesIT

No matter what it is that you are on the search for, whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your best smoking partner, or are just feeling that particularly good about yourself and wanting to spoil yourself (hey, treat yo self) with something uber luxurious and unique, then look no further than these amazing 24carat Gold Rolling Papers from Shine!

Shine Rolling Papers

That is definitely no typing error, and yes, you did read that correct the first time. 24. Carat. GOLD. These Shine papers are beautiful golden rolling papers that are extravagant and super stylish. Shine rolling papers are literally dripping in Gold, so it wont come as much of a surprise to learn that they have already made a huge name for themselves within the music industry. Massive names within the industry have been seen using Shine Rolling papers, such as; Rapper 2 Chainz, hip-hop artist Tyga and trendsetter and singer Miley Cyrus.