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Skunk is one of the oldest brands of hemp papers in the marketplace. When it was launched in 1994 it took the market by surprise and carved out a long standing niche for itself. The SKUNK character "Stinky" is very well known and has even had its own line of clothing.

Skunk papers are made in Spain of pure hemp. They burn nice and slowly and have a very loyal customer base.

Skunk have a huge range of papers in every size and shape to suit any taste. Their regular size hemp papers are perfect for padding out your smoking kit, the kingsize rolling papers are good for those who want to roll bigger papers. The strawberry papers give a fruity hit to your smoking experience, fantastic for those who want a bit of novelty. You’re not a fan of strawberry there’s also blueberry papers! For those who want a flavored hit but want something a bit cooler there’s the menthol flavor rolling papers! If you have no truck with all that novelty there’s unflavored regular rolling papers, they also have a wider variety of these rolling skins.

Skunk Brand is one of the oldest brands of hemp papers out there. They were established in 1994, they had a veritable market coup and carved themselves a firmly established niche for itself. Their mascot, a Skunk called ‘Stinky’ is a herb scene icon and even has his own line of clothing. The idea for the skunk character comes from the personal experience of it’s creator Orion. Orion was a fanatical RYO connoisseur and was shunned wherever he went, whenever he sparked up people would recoil in horror and disgust at the stench of his paper. He felt like a Sunk, except Skunks want to spray stink everywhere, so I guess biology wasn’t his strong point.  Skunk papers are manufactured in Alcoy spain, they are pure 100% pure hemp and burn nice and slowly this is just one of the reasons they have such a large and loyal customer base.

Hemp paper has been around for centuries, it has even been found in ancient Chinese tombs that date back as far as the year 147BC. These were first ever rough papers made of hemp, they were produced by the Western Han Dynasty in Imperial China. Hemp has always been a popular material for paper, however in the early 20th century when its massive popularity begins to decline. It remains one of the most popular raw materials to construct rolling papers out of. Hemp paper burns quite slowly and smoothly as long asi it is evenly packed when you’re rolling your cigarette. If you’re having trouble achieving an even burn you should increase the amount of tobacco in your herb blend.

Hemp and its industrial cousin are generally found growing in the Northern hemisphere. It is a part of the cannabis family and is grown specifically for industrial and manufacturing purposes. It is very well suited as a raw material for industry because it is one of the fastest growing plants in nature. It has been spun into fibers for nearly 10,000 years. It can be processed and refined into a whole host of different products including Fabric, clothing, biodegradable plastic, paint, insulation, biofuel, food, paper, and even animal feed. It really is one of the most versatile plants in existence!

The herb you enjoy and hemp as a raw material are part of the same plant family, but you certainly wouldn’t have much fun smoking hemp. THC is present, but in such small amounts that it’s practically negligible. This is a natural occurrence that has been exacerbated by legislation in various countries that force growers to selectively breed their hemp to have less THC. The legality of hemp varies massively from country to country, some governments go as far as to ban it entirely!

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