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Smelly Proof - Smell Proof Storage Bags For Your Herb

Since the turn of the millennium, Smelly Proof has been an industry leader in creating indispensable quality, peerless products, and outstanding customer satisfaction. Their smell proof bags are specifically designed to keep odors out of almost any environment and within the bags where you want them to stay!

Their black baggies are perfect for the herb fan who appreciates discreteness, they come in a wide range of sizes from small to medium, to large, there’s a bag to cover every need. There’s a range of transparent baggies for those who like to be able to keep an eye on the contents of their bags coming in mini extra small, small, medium, large and even extra large  you won’t be left wanting! Finally if you require a more distinctive bag that will ensure that you will be able to find your herb at a glance check out Smelly Proof’s white bags in mini, extra small, small, medium, and large!

Herb naturally secrets resin over time; this is what gives it that distinctive quasi-sticky texture and fantastic aroma. As lovely as the smell of your herb is, it does have a tendency to stick to everything and permeate every fiber of your life. For some people this is ok, but for others this situation is less than optimal, this is why controlling the smell of your herb can be very important. Smelly Proof bags are flexible 100% smell proof containers that are perfect for storing your dry herb at home, or when you’re transporting it. They come in a range of assorted sizes and styles so there’s one for everyone out there.

Smelly Proof bags are heavy duty durable plastic bags constructed to medical grade standards. They’re durable, reusable, and even go as far as to exceed USDA standards for food the storage of food items. Each bag is securely shut with a sturdy locking zipper. Each Smelly Proof bag is liquid, moisture and puncture resistant, they’re a far cry from the plastic bags you’d put your sandwiches in! Each bag is 100% reusable and can be washed and used again repeatedly.

The majority of the pungent smells from your herb come from a group of chemicals called terpenes, individually the terpenes can smell very different from their cumulative fragrance. Terpenes are compounds common to all flowering plants, and over 60,000 have been identified across all manner of plant species. They are responsible for the fragrance of practically all flowers. Herb produces over 140 different terpenes. These terpenes have different levels of concentration depending on the variety of the herb in question. There is evidence that suggests that the terpenes modify the effects of cannabinoids produced by the plant, including THC
Of all the terpenes found in dry herb the most common is myrcene, which is incidentally also found in hops. Myrcene has a vaguely balsamic smell and is widely thought to have additional effects on the herb user. It is most commonly found in cannabis varieties called ‘Sativas’

THC the most famous of all the active ingredients in herb and the chemical that’s primarily responsible for cannabis’ “high”, is actually odor free. This means when drug detection dogs are trained to find cannabis they are in fact to detect a type of terpene called caryophyllene, which is also present in common condiments like black pepper and cloves.

All of these terpenes combine to make a distinctive and pleasant smell that all herb aficionados know and love. Of course just because you like a particular smell doesn’t mean that you want it to permeate your entire life. Smelly Proof Bags will help you control this while also ensuring that your herb is kept safe and secure. The heavy duty ziploc will ensure that you won't lose a bit of your herb to leakage! Smelly Proof Bag are a fantastic solution for storage and transport, with a Smelly Proof Bag you can be sure that your herb will be safe, secure, and most of all discrete.

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