Snoop Dogg Pounds

Conceived in outer space and designed in California. The Pounds bong collection by Snoop Dogg is set to rival all others on the market.

The legendary rapper turned entrepreneur whose mind goes to sleep thinking about the herb, dreams about herb and wakes up no different, has used his years of knowledge and expertise to design a range of smokers that are not your usual bongs by a longshot.

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Designed to turn your herbs into the smoothest and purest smoke of your life, these unique creations fall into a category of their own.

Snoop Dogg Bong Pipes

The team behind the manufacture of these products, Pounds Glass, works closely with Snoop to design high-quality, borosilicate glass bongs, rigs and water pipes that not only provide the ultimate smoking experience but won’t have you breaking the bank when purchasing one.

The ethos for Snoop Dogg Pounds is one where products are designed by stoners, for stoners but with a modern-day, professional edge.

Snoop Dogg Bongs - The Range

Every bong you see in this set is made with durable 5mm, borosilicate glass and many come with a quartz banger among their set.

Snoop Dogg POUNDS - Starship Bong

We have the cheapest of the set, the STARSHIP, which is a lovely little, 6” bong with no percolator but with a diffused downstem.

Snoop Dogg POUNDS - Rocketship Bong

Then we have the ROCKETSHIP, a 15” bong with an ice pinch, diffuser and an incredibly flat, low centre of gravity which makes it perfect for passing around at parties.

Snoop Dogg POUNDS - Spaceship Rig

The SPACESHIP is actually the first dabbing rig of the collection and is 14.5” and features a massive, tub tube with an inverted showerhead percolator inside. Each Spaceship bong by Pounds comes with all the necessary dabbing tools to get you on your way.

Snoop Dogg POUNDS - Mothership Bong

The MOTHERSHIP is when we start getting into the truly impressive specs as we have a 14.5”, 90 degree angled, recycling downstem connected to an inline diffuser which leads to a UFO diffuser above. The amount of time the smoke has to filter and aerate with this piece is astounding and you’ll no doubt get one of the most delicious hits of your life with it.

Snoop Dogg POUNDS - Battleship Rig

Finally, we have the biggest and most expensive piece of the collection. We have the 14.5” BATTLESHIP dabbing rig with 3 percolators, 2 of which are turbines and the last being a honeycomb, as well as another 90 degree, recycling downstem and an angled mouthpiece for easy use. Like the Spaceship, getting this bong will get you all the tools you need to start dabbing straight away.